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mg_svb_v1 - A Map for Team Fortress 2

A Minigame map that brings the fun of Plants vs Zombies into TF2

Minigame Sentires Versus Bots. This is a minigame map for Team Fotress 2. The idea was to make a proof-of-concept Plants Versus Zombies style minigame within TF2. This map is what came of the idea. If anyone not familiar with Plans vs Zombies, PVZ is a tower defence game where players place down plants to fend off waves of zombies from reaching the left of the screen. The basic concept carries over into this TF2 map. Just replace ‘plants’ with sentries and ‘Zombies’ with bots. The goal of the game is to stop the bots that spawn on the right from reaching the control point on the left and capturing it. This is done by spawning in sentries to defend the point. How to play: Download, decompress and put in maps folder. Join RED TEAM. Wait for the waiting-for-players-to-join phase to end. Walk up the stairs and drop down into the play space. Now the game will start. Click buttons to spawn in sentries and dispensers. Spawning in buildings has a cost. In the sky is a clock that slowly regenerates. Level 3 sentries drain the clock 3 ticks. Level 2 drains it by 2 and level 1 is the cheapest, costing only one tick. Dispensers don’t provide any firepower BUT they increase the rate the clock regenerates at. (Dispensers are sort of like sunflowers from PVZ) At 0 dispensers the clock regenerates 1 tick every 7 seconds. At max dispensers the clock regenerates 1 tick every 3 seconds. Make sure to balance and choose wisely what to build and where. If the bots get past all the sentries there’s still one last line of defence. Red carts line the left side. When the first bot gets to a cart it gets triggered and rolls down the track, killing everything in it’s path and exploding at the end. Carts are basically one-time-use lain-clears. They function like the lawn mowers from PVZ. Have fun and tell me what you think. --- NOTE: the map was made for SINGLEPLAYER but can work with more players and on servers. It’s no recommended to use this map on a public server as bots take up player spots and random players will likely not know what to do/how the minigame works. --- Watch the DEVELOPER WALKTHROUGH to see the minigame map in action, as well as get some insight on development of the map.
  • i have  a problem. the bots wont come. and it keeps on saying NO STEAM ID FOUND it keeps on saying that. i did the sv_allow_point_command thing. and it still dosent work! also its very unstable. i keep going trough the floor and walls! PLEASE FIX THIS!
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    Posted by Erhixon7

    I have a problem, the bots are not spawning.

    Use console command: (sv_allow_point_servercommand always)
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  • I have a problem, the bots are not spawning.
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    That was actually a nice minigame, i enjoyed it myself. It only lasts 7 minutes and 30 seconds, but it was still a little bit of a challenge. As this is technically a MiP, i will give you a wide variety of suggestions to help you make this better. For one, it's great how you put in TFBots instead of puppet bots that wouldn't attack anyway, but there are some issues with them. Like, if close enough, Sniper may pull out his melee and attempt to hit the sentry with that. There may be more, but i only found this one. Not sure about this, but i think you can place in an entity which sole purpose will be to set specific TFBot variables to make the bots better. For example, to fix the sniper issue, set **tf_bot_sniper_melee_range** to 0 or maybe 75 so that the bot will have a sensible reason to pull out the melee. On another note, ever since this is gonna be for single player only for this time, you may want to use 31 slots for bots and 1 lone slot for the player (instead of 30 slots for the bots, because bots will automatically leave for player space). Said entity would then set **tf_bot_auto_vacate** to 0. If i get more ideas, i'll edit this comment and include them.
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