A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Zombie Escape port of GMod's Crypt Temple

[**Original map **](http://gmod.gamebanana.com/maps/183027)by [**Korpor4l**](http://gamebanana.com/members/596735). Features ================== - 16 songs in 4 different scenarios. - Color corrections for effects in spooky moments. - Cubemaps and obnoxious sprites. - Killer doors. - A radar! - Dark magic. Gameplay ================== _Just_ in time for Halloween. This was a map I saw that I really liked in looks over in Garry's Mod. In its original state however it has dreadful FPS related issues. I'd like to believe it should be just "okay" now though. Thinking it might be a little worthwhile to have a bit of fun turning the map into something I decided to do just that. **Note**: Map was thought for spawn in the middle and spawn in the back. Door opens at 17 seconds into the map with a push enabling for zombies (T) at 20 seconds. If your server has zombies being teleported back to spawn, think about setting the spawn timer to 17-20. Changelog ================== - **v1 **- Initial release. - **v1_2 **- Added some helping pushes to prevent zombies abusing possible ways to infect at the end or reaching the fountain. (Tip: Light pushes are a tiny bit extended. Your screen and visibility will be brighter when you're within it. You will have unlimited ammo as well.) Sprites toned down. Some minor optimization in the outside area. Should you delay in getting the key, book, etc. the map will continue to progress overtime. - **v1_3 **- Trigger_multiple's are not useful for detecting deaths in CS:GO as they were in CS:S. Zombies could respawn with you at the end. A simple clip that enables overtime with no filtered teleports should resolve this. Very small changes to hold points. Ghosts do some more damage (Tip: Buy kevlar!). Ghosts should also move a bit quicker. Some other minor back-end adjustments. - **v1_4 **- Added a completely missing teleport in half of spawn. (Sorry!) Fixed a possible annoyance where the tense color correction would stay stuck after defeating the ghosts. Auto nuke (Round time) is now affected by the ending. VMF & Assets ================== [**Download **](http://www.mediafire.com/download/l29lu7fsdsa3yt6/crypt_assets.zip)- All files included. Let me know if there's any issues in the map and I will try to address them. Anyone is free to use anything though, no need for permission.


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    Pretty sweet, I love what you've added. I have no idea how to run this map to play on my own correctly, but if someone hosts this on a server to test it be sure to send it to me!
    Some guy who does things.
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  • MY GOD! This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! (So amazing that I took the time to hold down the shift key)
    Penguins in da house!
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Original mapper
Original mapper & brushwork


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