A Map for No More Room in Hell

Hey all! This release had not been planned before; it is just me having some new ideas I want to add yet I am lazy to complete a new map(I do have one pending map project, but way to go). This map maintains all the good features from earlier versions; - Sniper spot - Coast line - Huge map - Lasergun - Tesla sentry - The Super Fan etc. as well as ========================= NEW STUFFS & ADJUSTMENTS: - Total wave number is 13 instead of 20. - Resupply arrives each 4 waves instead of 8 waves. - Improve visuals of the awkward skyline from previous versions. - Lasergun's laser aim & iron-sight mode - Lasergun power upgrades A LOT - Lasergun repair time shortened - Lasergun refuel pattern - Lasergun control bug fixed; Lasergun control goes offline when the old user dies, and becomes available for a new user. - Tesla Sentry has extra-long life; 20mins. - Regular cannon bombings on northeast coastline. - some decals & prop additions - Minor geometry fixes Instructions for special items:----- - Lasergun It is a long-range slaughtering machine. Designated to wipe out the zombies in gathered group. However its power drains quickly, you need to get a fuel can to restore its power to the highest state. There are a lot of fuel cans around; they are easy to find. Lasergun needs to be repaired before use. Get a welder to fix it. Controls: press E to use n press E to quit; right-arrow key switches to iron sight mode, and another click to resume normal mode. Watch your fire and don't hurt your teammate with laser. - Tesla sentry Designed to be a defend weapon. Place it everywhere you want but it will be disable motion when activated. DONT STAND INSIDE OF SENTRY OR BETWEEN SENTRY AND ZOMBIE, OTHERWISE YOU GET YOURSELF KILLED. When it's on fire, go away from it. It will end itself by blowing up. - The Super Fan Designed to please players and zombies in hot summer. There are two buttons by the side of fan frame, one at the top is activation button, the other one is emergency-stop button; You can move it around to serve your need, but notice that it has a wire attached to an outlet, so if you move it too far away from the outlet, wire would break and this toy would no longer function. ================================================================= Possible bugs--- **- THIS MAP HAS BEEN MODIFIED SHORTLY AFTER FIRST SUBMISSION. Unable to launch the map may be caused by this issue. Sorry for inconvenience!** - Some people r having trouble to quit lasergun control. If you get stuck even when not controlling lasergun, keep pressing E for lots of time while looking at anything but lasergun handle; or resume control then press E again as you EYES ON THE HANDLE(it's IMPORTANT). - Do not suicide during ironsight mode, or your point of view will be glitched after respawn - DO NOT KILL the fighter with the lasergun You can play it in solo. I tried it once; it's hard, but it's possible. It will take around 60mins of gameplay depending on how good you play. Hope you enjoy this map!
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