Red Slammer

A Map for Quake

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[8/2010]====================================================================== Title : Red Slammer Author : negke Website : Description : Small to medium-sized terracotta style map. It was started as a simple oldschool level that would only take a short time to make. Unfortunately, in the end it required much longer to finish than anticipated. The level features an in-built skill selection panel as well as an option to switch to an alternative game mode ("Carnage" - all weapons/all monsters awake/four keys required to unlock the exit). To access it, jump on the slipgate within the first ten seconds after mapstart. Thanks : efdat, gb, necros, Scragbait, SleepwalkR, Spirit ============================================================================== Installation and Playing Copy mappi.* into your Quake\id1\maps directory and run the game with the following command line: e.g. Glquake.exe -heapsize 32000 +map mappi Difficulty settings can be changed in the map itself. ============================================================================== Map Information: Game : Quake Single player : Yes Cooperative : Yes Deathmatch : Yes Difficulty settings : Yes CD track : 9 Textures : Medieval.wad Known bugs : Rogue teleporter ambience at 0,0,0 A couple of flickering entities and greyflashes in WinQuake -> increase r_maxedges and r_maxsurfs to 5000 Tested with : Fitzquake 0.85, DarkPlaces 4-Aug-10, GlQuake 0.97, WinQuake 1.09, QuakeSpasm 0.85.3 ============================================================================== Construction: Editor : GtkRadiant 1.5 construction time : Two months, on and off Brushes : 6663 Entities : 1963 ============================================================================== Copyright/Permissions This level is released under the terms of GNU General Public License v2 or later. You may use the map source as a base to build additional levels as long as you release them under the same license and make the source available, and give proper credit. You may distribute the level in any electronic format as long as you include this file unaltered in the original archive and keep it free of charge. ==============================================================================




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