A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Subscribe and rate at the [Steam Workshop](http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=273415773 "Steam Workshop") for easy (and always up-to-date) installation! _**Updated 22/6/14 **_ - adds brighter lighting in the basement and terminal areas, and resolves some clipping issues that were reported. Terrorists have taken control of a chartered jet carrying foreign dignitaries in this hostage rescue scenario. Several hostages have been released, but negotiations to release the remaining two have stalled. A SWAT element has been mobilized and given permission to rescue the hostages and bring order to the situation. Play as the terrorists and prevent the police from taking control and rescuing your hostages, or play as SWAT, board the jet, and bring the hostages back safely. Supports 32 players.


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    11mo 11mo
    What a WONDERFUL map. Unfortunately I'm getting some bad "silvering". Especially an almost entirely silver police car on the bottom level outside of a stairwell. interestingly the cop cars out by the plane are not silvered as bad as that one. And benches and door handles and the usual suspects.

    But its not just this map, this is a problem with half of the GO maps and half of the source ones. I guess its something to do with valve moving things around in the engine or something.

    But what an AMAZING map.
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    Very spacious and high detailed location with a set of secluded corners and a big variety of fighting tactics. Great work! 11/10 Would be fine to porting this excellent map for CSS, yeah..? :-)
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    Manager of Migrating Lemmings
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    Fantastic feedback, thank you! Sorting out these optimization issues is priority for the next update :)
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    Map Critic
    Congrats on this release; it sure is one of the most realistic airport maps in CS. The realism and authenticity are soaring in this map, from accurate brushwork, custom props and textures to signs, ads and lighting; everything contributes to making this map score high on the realism scale. The detailing is very meticulous across the map and everything is taken care off to replicate real life airport setup. The custom textures and props can only reinforce the authenticity and bring the map to a whole new level. Sunset lighting is quite moody and gives the outdoor scene some nice shadows while soundscapes, with various jets sounds, makes the airport come alive. The 3D sky is a very nice touch to make the airport feel like part of a bigger area/suburban setting. Well done. For an open-ended map, you did quite a nice job for optimizing the map with func_detail, nodraw, areaportals and even occluders. I do have some remarks though about the overall fps and optimization that I’ll share with you shortly :) Your visleaves need tidying up as many of them were long/large visleaves covering wide/long areas and extending through several areas in the airport and poking around corners and hallway ends. This could only lead to over-rendering and wasted engine resources, therefore lower fps. The hint system will need reviewing to add more hints to cut large/long visleaves. In my opinion, the occluders you inserted inside the pillars in the waiting lounge are not needed; they cover a very small area thus culling a very small number of props which makes their cost outweigh their immediate benefit. And speaking of occluders, I think the plane where the hostages are located will need some (in addition to the one you have now inside the floor). The plane is a static prop (since it got hidden when I disabled static props in-game with r_drawstaticprops 0), yet the visleaves there are crazy looking with different awkward shapes. This makes me assume that you added nodrawed regular world brushes inside the plane hull so you can add areaportals on the plane’s openings. I don’t believe this is working towards better optimization. I think a better approach would be to remove those brushes (if this is the case) and insert some occluders inside the hull of the static prop plane; of course, you would have to remove your areaportals there but the occluders should balance this and the PVS in this area would be a lot tidier with higher fps and lower vvis time. You can try this setup in a second map version for testing and check the results; if the fps changes are for the better then you can incorporate these changes in the actual map. As a last personal note, the tunnels and surrounding areas (labeled basement and alley in your nav mesh) could use a bit of lighting brightness boost. It’s not totally dark but the slightly dim lights make the player identification on the fly a tad difficult. Great job and a lot of hard work has been put in this map and it clearly shows. Hope this review will help polish and propel this map even higher; keep up the good work and best of luck.
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    cosa dici!
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    This map looks really great. Gonna try it later. It seems like a good airport map. :)
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Updates will be released based on player feedback. If you have ideas for how to improve the map please post them and they will be considered for inclusion with an update!


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