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Soiree - A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Competitive Defusal map / De_Soiree For Gamebanana/CEVO mapping content. I have worked hard to create a new and exiting map for the compeititve gaming community. Soiree takes you into similar scena

Competitive Defusal map / De_Soiree For Gamebanana/CEVO mapping contest. I have worked hard to create a new and exiting map for the compeititve gaming community. Soiree takes you into similar scenarios and twists them into something new. The layout has been designed 100% with competive gaming in mind, from attacking bombsites to holding angles. The map is open, this allows you to utilize flashbangs and smoke grenades effectively, no invisible walls stopping you from doing so. The map has been designed with 5on5 competitive gameplay in mind, designed by a competitive player. Inspiration from 1.6 and CSS competitive maps helped shape the map and inspire the direction taken with each element created. [WORKSHOP]( "WORKSHOP") ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- Updates to follow, this is the first released version and I will listen to feedback, and update quickly.
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    The map has a bright ambient lighting which helps for clarity and player visibility. This is a nice bonus for competitive play. The mostly white-ish textures you chose go along this scheme in improving player readability against backgrounds. Good job. Timings and rotations are good permitting fast and balanced gameplay. Elevations, cover spots and overall geometry allow for some interesting tactical options; the gameplay was fun and varied even against bots. Here are my thoughts and findings that will hopefully help push the map higher and further into the CSGO visual yard. You obviously focused on the competitive gameplay neglecting the visual side, making the map look more like a 1.6 rendition. Certainly we do not want the map to be visually noisy and filled with clutter but as the same time, having mostly flat, square brushwork with little decoration feels out of place for a CSGO map. You can always strike a balance between competitive visibility and visual eye candy without compromising much of the gameplay essence. If you ever want to update this map, then the visuals should be your first priority to bring them on par with the nice gameplay you have. Speaking of update, you will also need to focus on optimization; as it is now, the map runs fine but this is largely due to the map being flat and almost empty. If you make the visual upgrade then the map will not run smoothly without implementing an optimization system. There is too much over-rendering happening in the map (you can check it with mat_wireframe 1): there need to be a system of hint brushes and areaportals to counter this effect that will inevitably severely decrease your fps once you add a little more detail to the map. You also have too many decorative, thin brushes left as regular world brushes, thus over-complicating your PVS. Wood planks, trims, wall pillars, thin wood roof, beams, double doors should all be switched to func_detail to help with the overall fps. You need to add cubemaps or build them for correct rendering of reflective surfaces/models. You have 1 invalid T spawn as denoted in the console; go to the coordinates in Hammer and make sure the entity is not touching the floor or a nearby surface. A map that plays nicely and has good potential but is in dire need of a balanced visual upgrade to bring it up to date. Good job and good luck for any future project or update of this map.
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  • Aesthetically this map is really plain and lacking. I appreciate that it is bright, but it really needs more in the looks department.
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    Really smooth layout, very neat and professional. I think an art direction would improve this map similar to the visuals updated from the Source to the GO version of Mirage, while maintaining the competitive aspect at the core of this map. For example maybe changing up the textures of the wood between transitional areas, and replacing stacks of tires with bags of cement.
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