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A Map for Team Fortress 2

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This is a fixed version of the original tr_walkway


- Crashes related to the TF2 bot update on Aug 27 2013
- Bot naming
- Bot spawning
- Some other stuff



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  • itspicetf2 avatar
    itspicetf2 Joined 17d ago
    access_time 17d
    how do i download this as a bsp isntead of a rar?
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  • IMNFTF2 avatar
    IMNFTF2 Joined 10mo ago
    access_time 10mo
    When I join tr_walkway_fix The map always change how to fix it?

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  • KonataHamster avatar
    KonataHamster Joined 9y ago
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    access_time 1y

    To anyone wanting to take this "Fix" and "Fix" it
    Things that could make this map more relevant to the current state of TF2, some of which I manually apply anyway:

    While it would be nice I doubt its possible to make an auto-set for sv_allowservercommand always

    • Auto-turn on grapple hooks; replace the yellow "teleporter" signs over the map with grapple symbols for quality control
    • Find a way to fix a bug involving several "bot_config" bots appearing; last time I used this map I wound up having 3 or 4 config-bots that were unconfigurable no matter what I did, as in say you choose "Spawn only soldiers" well you'll get soldiers but you'll also get 3 or 4 engineers named "bot_config"
    • Mark buttons as "Do not move" so you can use +use on them instead of shootting them; melee-only loadouts aren't exactly accurate on even huge buttons, much less on the more intricate configuration buttons in the sentry room
    • Halloween mode button, both for the heck of it, and because it will cause slain enemies to drop the Crit Candy
    • In light of the halloween mode mentioned above: At least one spell spawn location, as well as one super spell spawn location.
    • Perhaps a room with each of the game's MannPower powerups for seeing how they affect gameplay; there is one or two empty rooms behind a sliding door I never understood, they must have been left for future development; I'd say in there would be good. 
    • A fix for the missing/broken particle effects: The "Firewall" particle system for instance is broken and does not precache; it is invisible when you turn it on.
    • a small simple damaging panel for lowering your own health to a specific amount.

    Did I miss anything? 
    Oversensitive sociopath avatar
    Oversensitive sociopath
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  • DabbingKebbab avatar
    DabbingKebbab Joined 4y ago
    359 points Ranked 48591st
    access_time 2y
    this "fix" needs a fix
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  • Swoozle avatar
    Swoozle Joined 4y ago
    access_time 3y
    Can't spawn bots.
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  • melvin111101 avatar
    melvin111101 Joined 3y ago
    234 points Ranked 53645th
    access_time 3y
    Good Map 10/10 


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  • Ghost1444307 avatar
    Ghost1444307 Joined 4y ago
    not here
    access_time 3y
    Posted by Pybro

    How do I fucking get it in the game do I put it in tf/maps? Or do I put it in tf/custom????

    You extract the .rar file and put the .bsp file into your Team Fortress 2/tf/maps folder. If done correctly, the map shows up in the map list and you can create a game running this map.

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  • Pybro avatar
    Pybro Joined 4y ago
    access_time 4y
    How do I fucking get it in the game do I put it in tf/maps? Or do I put it in tf/custom????

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  • access_time 4y
    Posted by DamienHD

    It seems that it doesn't work on my mac. All the other maps are in .bsp format while this one is a .rar file. Is there anyway to find this in .bsp format?

    Hey, you need to extract the .rar file to get the .bsp. It comes as an Windows file, but if you download an app that can extract it then it will get you an .bsp. I have mac and I use "The Unarchiver" to open these files. Or WinRar.

    For those who the bots doesn't spawn, type in the console: "sv_allow_point_servercommand always" then type "retry". You will be kicked from the server and automatically sent back again. Then the bots should spawn.

    And thanks for making this tr_walkway_fix, it fixed for me.

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  • ZeldaGamer avatar
    ZeldaGamer Joined 4y ago
    access_time 4y
    how to install:

    1. install winrar

    2.install this map

    3. go to (where you installed steam) > steam > steamapps > common > team fortress 2 > tf > maps

    4. close steam from the hotbar on your pc

    5. put the tr_walkway_fix.bsp folder  in the maps folder

    Hope it works!

    Unknown Gamer
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