The Awakening- Part 1: Alive

A Map for Portal 2

PLEASE SUPPORT THE WORKSHOP LINK HERE: Hello everyone, My name is mrjohnson, But you can call me DJ. This is actually the first map I have released on this site, and it has turned out rather well. Let me introduce to you, the Awakening Trilogy/series, it will contain hopefully 20 test chambers which will cover various areas and will be fully voice acted. This current area being: Behind the scenes and destroyed. So yeah its fairly ambitious. I have also thought about making it into a standalone mod when it is done, you guys will have to give me feedback, tell me if you want it turned into a standalone mod or just keep it as a series of downloadable maps. This map takes place 1 month before Chell is woken up by wheatley in the portal 2 campaign. Anyway, here is the story: "...You are awoken by the brisk voice of an Artificial Intelligence, performing routine checks on all of the test subjects in long term relaxation. Of course, all except a few test subjects are dead. He was for an unknown reason recently activated. You are told that his name is David and that he can help you escape the facility, and that he has the same intention. So thus begins this series." Feedback is apreciated. And please report any bugs which you may find. Thank you for reading Credits: Wormatty- Voice of David.



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    Wow, i really enjoyed this map I must say. 

    It made me frustrated, then angry, and when I finally figured it out, it made me feel like a total idiot. And that is exactly what I want from a Portal 2 map.

    The design was on par with valve's own levels, and the voice acting was really good too. 

    Maybe the music was a bit too loud, and the map wasn't that optimized, but that is hardly something that brings the map down.

    What can I say, I am excited for part 2, and i hope you will keep doing awesome maps like these forever.

    I dunno, a monkey.


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Development Info

I have been encountering a strange bug where in the first test chamber, after you fling yourself to where the turret is, you can see the large un-broken glass to your left. On my computer the tubes which crash through the wall are appearing through the glass without a blue tint, as if they are in-front of the glass, which they are not. Let me know if you encounter this minor bug, and if you do let me know if there is a reason that is is occuring.


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