A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6

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Pleasant to the eye, made in light snow colors KZ / Jump map based on multiple versions of the most popular Counter-Strike map de_dust, which created an obstacle course requiring maximum concentration at a jump and hold the balance while walking on a tightrope


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    This map needs a lot more recognition! I stumbled upon this beauty when I was trying out different CS game types and I'm glad I found this map. I love the brushwork and design, it's really quite nice. The textures work well together to create a nice snowy atmosphere. The waiting room idea was so awesome! Many cool things here bro. I won't find my self playing it much after this as I focus on hostage rescue and bomb defuse, but I still find it fun to play. I found several minor issues with the map: The first is, the long underground sewer system. It looks lovely and all, but it seems a little bit unbalanced how there's only 2 entrances. Because of this, terrorists can simply run down this pipe and will always know where the enemies will be coming from. If you look at _cs_militia_ the pipe system has multiple entrances to allow for ambushes, etc. Second thing is, you should include some sound files in there! It would be awesome to hear some wind blowing, and maybe some music in the waiting room. Lastly, it would have been great to see a custom NAV file for your map with placenames (like CT Spawn) so bots tell you where they are. All in all enjoyed playing! Great features. Well done mate.
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