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A Map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein

A SP level with a pretty big outdoor with several buildings.

###################### ### WOTAN BETA 1.0 ### ###################### RtcW singleplayer map >Wotan< by flipmode, jan.2003 installation: extract the file straight into your Return to castle Wolfenstein directory. do NOT extract it to Rtcw's "main" folder, like u might be used to from multiplayer maps. after extracting u should have a >wotan<-folder in your Return to castle Wolfenstein directory. in example: C:/Return to castle Wolfenstein/Wotan to PLAY you have to go to the Wotan folder and start it from the Wotan.bat icon or use shortcut called "wotan". this should work for most players. for the case u get stuck on startup please bring down the console (the big window you also use for chat) and type: /spmap wotan description: Wotan is a pretty big outdoor map with several buildings. You have to fight your way to castle Wotan, get some dynamite, stop a ceremony, and at last explode the altar (detailed briefing ingame). wise use of weapons will ease your mission. you can save your game anytime just like on the RtcW retailversion (and i recommend to do so:) The story is inspired by Professor Carl Gustav Jung's theory about "Wotanism". used editors: GtkRadiant, compiled with q3map2, terrain with easygen. known bugs: some shaderprobs on the terrain. a door at the castle sometimes opens the wrong direction. lights in the 1rst house miss a texture; i didnt find this too disturbing and the models look fine so i kept em. if you meet any other bugs please report them by mail. thanks to Kos, Wils, Dolo for the tips and help with probs i ve met. thanks to mampf for betatesting and for the dreamweaverwork on my website. thanks to nightwulf (whom i ve never met) for writting a great scripting tutorial i used a lot. contact:email: website: Return to castle Wolfenstein is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.



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