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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

A Map with impressive detail!

TekelaXII and the Darkergaming community would like to present: MG_ARCANE ========= Being undiscovered for centuries, a group of scientists studying an area in the mountainous region discovered an ancient sanctuary located deep inside the mountain. Unfortunately for them, this discovery comes with a agonising hefty price. The most detailed multigames map ever made with fair amount of optimization. Stunning detail and classic gameplay included! Out of 6 of the maps the are 8 variations of minigames including 1 unique minigame mode. High quality map-sound and textures along with lots of CS:GO and custom models made by Jimonions and Me! Custom textures are from hhh316 and Bartalon which materials are defined with normal and specular. Map is in Beta. ----------------------------------------------------- Minigame List: ============== - Ice Skate - Long Jump - Rope Jump - Ak47 Deathmatch - Shotgun Deathmatch - 35HP Knife - 100HP Knife UNIQUE MINIGAME: ================ Objective --------- This particulaar minigame are inspiration from Zombie Escape and Course map. Players has to do objectives which are accomplished faster with team-members help. Terrorist and Counter-terrorist has to race each other and go to the finish line as soon as possible. Credits: ======== - TekelaXII: Mapping, Modelling, Texturing, Testing - hhh316 (Deviantart): Many textures - Bartalon (Deviantart): Gold coin textures - Jimonions: Tree and Fern models - Valve: Models, Texture - Nexon: Soundtrack - Intelligent System: Soundtrack Notes: 105mb Map size! ![]( "")



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    **Pros:** - Some lovely details. - Original style, love the textures and great variety. - Mysterious and scary atmosphere, not easy to achieve in CS:S. **Cons:** - FPS, reason why it doesn't rotate on our server is because of this. - No originality regadering the individual minigames, we totally had it with this 'ropejumping' and 'iceskating' - Every detail is a func_detail (I hope). Using propper (easy model making for hammer) will increase FPS, and it will a lot **Improvements:** - I would have loved a brand new map like this.. with new innovating levels. This is just another, though detailed, copy of the multimaps that were released in 2008. **Note:** I'm trying to give you an honest opinion, I don't want to be rude. I appreciate the time and work you've spent on making it and obviously you can be proud of ur work. Congratulations on the submission!


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    I tested it in-game and it's very cool. Good job.


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    Awesome map :D


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Mapper, Modeller, Texturer
hhh316 (Deviantart)
Bartalon (Deviantart)
Gold coin texture
Tree and fern models
Intelligent System


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