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A Map for Call of Duty 2

CoD2 map version from well known Counter Strike map, Assault

CoD2 version of cs_assault A little description: This map started as a project in September 2012, but due to studies and some other problems, I left it and started other maps. After 11 months, in August 2013, I continued the project, and released it on 19th September 2013. This map has been developed to play with ZOMBIES mod (TDM too, but this will not ensure its full enjoyment :]) People / communities I must thank: Valve: they developed the original Counter Strike map (cs_assault) Rezil (xfire: saberteeth), because I used a part from one of his maps to make one of the secrets working. Codjumper: the site where I downloaded Rezil's map (jm_cruise) and, because I learnt a lot from that website. Also, this map has been dedicated especially to Zombie Knights clan (watch community in xfire: classic.xfire/communities/zomknight), and is also played in its server. If you need help about anything, just contact me: xfire: drakker07 mail: youtube channel: cod2pollo (



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    > **Posted by asus8911** > hello upload mp_source? my creater call of duty 4 Hello asus8911! Here you have the source file of mp_assault. Pls, read the "readme.txt" file first before editing it!
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    hello upload mp_source? my creater call of duty 4


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Development Info

Software I used to make this map: CoD2 Mod Tools (tool pack): -Radiant: structural map and entities -Asset Manager: converting DDS files to IWI textures. -Compile Tools: self explanatory :) Photoshop CS6 (with DDS plugin): making textures Notepad++: map level script WinRar: compressing the map into an .iwd
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According to the Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0), you are allowed to download and share this map under the following terms: -You are NOT allowed to edit it without credit. -You are NOT allowed to modify this material and share the modified one if you haven't asked me before. -You are NOT allowed to distribute this map with commercial purposes. It is free for everyone!





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