nms_evildeadcabin 1.1

A Map for No More Room In Hell

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  • 1.1
31 october 2015 1.1 -Removed the safezone in the cellar. No more camping :D -Replaced the func_rotating brush due to a bug. -Now the saw only work when a log is getting sawn.
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1.0 Released !!!!
  • Evils Spirits are UNLEASHED !!!!!
29 october 2015 1.0 -Added an Evil Spirits entity that will start spawning at wave 5. -Added more Evil Spirits at wave 7. -Added Smoke effect during the Evil Spirits waves. -Added more spawns to the fruit cellar and main floor. -Added a lock to the shed, need a welder now to access. -Added a welder that have 45 % chance to spawn -A more detailed and spooky fruit cellar. -A real rotating saw. -Real porch beam outside. -Removed the map in the hallway
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You're stranded in a cabin deep in the woods. Surrounded by evil force, you must survive 10 waves from the undead. Barricade every entrance and scout outside for supply drop.

How to Install 1.Extract the files in Steam/SteamApps/common/nmrih/nmrih/maps/ 2.And you're good to go !!!! Specials thanks to durkhaz for his support on optimising the map and feedbacks and Frank for his helpful feedbacks. Changelog: 08 February 2014 Beta 5.1: -Replaced the molotovs by grenade due to crashs. 02 July 2014 Beta 6 -Fixed the extraction, now it will expire at 60 seconds with a custom text. -Added a text to indicate the real purpose of the portal. -The forest is now more dense. -Optimised the kitchen area. -Removed details on the wall. -Added more details in the main room. -Molotov are back and replace the grenades. -Added a few more molotov with 75% of chance to spawn. -Replaced the ground texture in the basement for something more suitable. -Changed the Initial Spawn from 20 to 30 -Changed Zombie Increment from 8 to 10 -Zombies now spawn on the back on Wave 2 -Zombies now spawn on the side on Wave 4 -Added glowsticks to guide the players to the supply drop zones. -Converted the wood logs from physbox to prop_physics to get proper lightning. 08 February 2014 Beta 5: -Added a woodchipping system, now you will need to find wood logs outside to make boards. -Removed some boards to keep the balance. -Added func_occluders to boost performance. -Removed some fog particle effects to boost performance. -Replaced the mirror by a simple glass texture to boost performance. -Added a moving camera event for the extraction. 02 February 2014 Beta 4 : -Added a map in the corridor near the bathroom -Added an MkII pistol in the kitchen -Added a Fire Axe in the cellar -Added a Fubar in the cellar -Pistols ammobox now give more munitions. -The Mossberg and Sks in the cellar got one more ammobox. -Added Ash "Groovy" line at resupply waves. -Move the light above the table in the cellar so we can see the shelve. 01 February 2014 Beta 3 : -Added Warning Texts on important Waves. -Added the Evil Dead Demonic Roar at each start of waves. -Zeds will now only spawn on the front of the cabin until Wave 3. -Now Zeds will spawn on the back on Wave 3 -Now Zeds will spawn on the sides on wave 6 -Fixed some exploits in the living room and in the shed. -Added a red light_spot on the raping tree. 28 January 2014 Beta 2 : -Changed the Initial Spawn from 25 to 20 -Changed Zombie Increment from 12 to 8 -Changed First Runner wave from 4 to 5 -Fixed some exploits in the bathroom. -Added Mossberg Shotgun on the table in the fruit cellar -Added a Machete on the ground beside the piano -Added 5 gas can in the cellar -Added more boards near the working desk in the main room. -Added a light_spot on the stairs leading to the cellar. -Rotated the health box in the shed for easier transportation



  • 3mo
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    I extracted the files exactly where i should have but when we LAN the game, nobody can see the map in my server browser?

    None of the custom maps I've downloaded on GameBanana works.
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    This map is really epic yet scary :)


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