Crescendo Of Dreams + Surmounting Terror

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* Story * It was bad enough you were stranded here, then the gaunt grabbed you. Silently it came and picked you up in it's talons and spirited you away. For a long time, you were suspended in the air in it's clutches. It's tail flicked about and it flew silently through the air. You must have blacked out because when you awoke, you were on the ground and the gaunt was gone. Maybe it found a more juicy bag of flesh? ======================================================================= * Information/Notes * While this map *will* technically work in GLQuake (it even works in winquake!), it looks MUCH MUCH better in Fitzquake, or, infact, any engine that supports external TGA textures and skyboxes. Mind you, some engines don't light the same way as Fitzquake does, so i still highly recommend Fitzquake as i lit this map with that engine in mind. If you are using a custom engine that is NOT fitzquake, you may need to get the skybox to load yourself because some engines don't use the same worldspawn keys as fitz does. The skybox is called 'bsea', so just use whatever command you need to get that up. Finally, Winquake will experience some gray flash at a couple of places, so just be aware that it is there and, if you know how, take steps to prevent it via cvars. This map was testing in Winquake, glquake, Fitzquake and Darkplaces.



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