A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6

This is a map by Tweedle Dee & Dum from SOF2 remade for CS 1.6 by yours truly -Kr@zZy

de_bigfreakinhouse_beta2 CS 1.6 version created by Kr@zZy AKA Vin-LTD. (Not original author of map design) SOF2 version created by Gimmeanathalon and TrailerPark AKA Tweedle Dee & Dum (Original authors of the SOF2 version) For more news and work visit: Twitch.TV/VinLTD "Maps + Models + Music and More!" - Vin-LTD Map objective: The terrorists want to blow up the sink in the bathroom or the washer in the Laundry room. CTs must defend the big freakin house at all costs!!! Map origin: I decided to re-create a long lost map from a game called Soldier of Fortune 2 (SOF2). This map was originally created by Tweedle Dum & Dee or Gimmeanathlon and TrailerPark. Their map left me with many memories when I first got into PC gaming. Since CS 1.6 is one of my top 10 favorite shooters I decided to port the map over by scratch in order to play it again. The SOF2 community is not as active as it once was. People still play, but there are only a handful of servers without the use of bots. It's very dead these days, in fact so dead that when I tried to e-mail Tweedle Dum & Dee about re-creating their map for CS 1.6, their e-mail address ( was no longer valid. My e-mails just wouldn't go through. So I decided to just go forward with the re-creation. (Edit: I have been able to contact one of the authors about this new level. Gimmeanathalon has responded to an e-mail of mine.) After roughly over a week I've replicated the entire map, with additions and original supplements from the Bigfreakinhouse.pk3. So my hope is that one day the Tweedles will boot up once more only to find out that their map still lives on in another game universe. I take credit for only replicating one of the greatest multiplayer maps known to the online gaming universe. The Tweedle twins are the true authors and really deserve more credit than I could ever ask for. My piece by piece replication pays tribute to them and the memories they have given to me while growing up playing online PC games. Thank you Tweedle Dum & Dee, Gimmeanathlon and TrailerPark. May your creations live on. (DISCLAIMER: Original design by: Tweedle Dum (aka Gimmeanathlon) and Tweedle Dee (aka TrailerPark) -, For Soldier of Fortune 2: MP, my version is not a direct port, everything was made from scratch in hammer 3.5, textures were borrowed from the bigfreakinhouse.pk3 to replicate the original map, sounds were borrowed from the bigfreakinhouse.pk3 to replicate the original map, this map has been altered from the original SOF2 layout to fit the CS 1.6 round based game play in its perspective manner)
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Key Authors
Original author in Soldier of Fortune 2: MP
Original author in Soldier of Fortune 2: MP
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Development Info

Once again the original design is owed to Gimmeanathalon and TrailerPark whom created this map for Soldier of Fortune 2: Multiplayer 10 years ago. I took the design of the original and replicated it piece by piece to make a CS 1.6 version. The map is still in beta form and I am still searching for bugs in the map. I'm not looking for criticism on the aesthetics, but more so for actual game-play impairing problems. I wont dismiss aesthetic recommendations, but know that I'm not looking for those types of comments. The map has been through many aesthetic changes as is and it's not the focus of its development at this moment forward. Please keep criticism constructive! Remember we're only human. Thanks for playing the map in its beta form. If you happen to host my map, please drop me an IP as I would love to play with you all. Sorry, I'm very wordy. DEAL WID IT. -Kr@zZy AKA Vin-LTD


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