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A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


New Bug fixed :)
  • BugFix Bug appeared, bug fixed :)
Somehow the nav file didn't worked anymore with the newest cs:go update. I fixed that. :)
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  • fixes
- I fixed a few things (couldn't fix all, there are 2 new problems I don't know how to solve it. The Day version (cs_intrusion) is fully fixed. Those two new problems came out of thin air. I don't have a clue where they come from...)
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The terrorists went into a modern company at midnight and took some hostages. The CT's spawning in front of the building.

T's and CT's encounter each other fast. This map needs fast decisions and teamplay.

Game Types: Classic, Deathmatch

I would appreciate it if you rate my map on steam workshop.

Time invested to create the map (165 hours) and work on updates (135 hours): 300 hours

MAP CREATED BY Michael "Ringel" Ringel
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    Wow, really thank you Will2k. I will do what you suggested and I will make a day version of it. This is my first map ever, that's why I'm really thankful for your post.
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    Map Critic
    The map sure looks nice and detailed. The brushwork is well laid and proportionate adding to the map’s realism. The diversity between sharp edges and curves increases the visual appeal. The choice of textures is pleasantly selected and improves the overall appeal of the environment. One can see that you put extra thought into detailing and enhancing the visuals of the map. I still need to direct your attention to some issues though which are holding the map back, and once dealt with, the map is sure to further improve. You probably heard this before from people who play-tested your map (if any): the map is dark. You meant it to be during midnight with moody lighting but it is still dark. This will work in single player or for games that rely on such features (such as zombies or vampires), but for a competitive shooter like CS, this darkness won’t be popular and the map won’t be played much. In many places, the player model blend with the environment and the silhouette gets barely noticeable; this also means that you can’t easily differentiate between friend and enemy on the fly. I finished writing an article about visuals vs. gameplay that will be published very soon where I explain this issue in detail and offer solutions to overcome it. You need to sacrifice some aspects of the moody lighting in favor of gameplay: add some more lights in strategic places, increase light intensity in some others and crank up a bit the brightness of your environmental lighting. To get some reference, check this classic map for Counter-Strike Source where it manages to mix night setting with good visibility (de\_nightfever) Another solution is to make a day version to allow for much better visibility. Next issue that needs improvement is optimization. The map is not optimized and for a mostly indoor map, fps was dropping in many places. It is recommended to implement areaportals to reduce over-rendering; you also need to switch all of your details to func\_detail. Right now, too many detail brushes in the map are left as regular world brushes, greatly cluttering your PVS (use mat\_wireframe 1 to check) and increasing polygon count and decreasing fps. Pillars, pylons, door frames, shelves, tables, stairs, ramps, etc. should be turned to func\_detail. You need to add clip brushes across the map to smooth players’ movements and prevent them from getting stuck. Good examples are stair steps, railings, door frames and those small trees in CT spawn (you can jump in and unfairly camp). Speaking of clipping, I was able to jump over the police barricade under the bridge on the left edge and got into the non-playable area; you may want to add a clip brush there. To further enhance ambience, it would be wise to add indoor and outdoor soundscapes to boost some life into the level. Nice map overall but needs some tuning to make it more playable and enjoyable. Keep up the good work and good luck.
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    cosa dici!
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    Rafael De Jongh can you feature this? this is really nice work, keep mapping avatar
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    Looks awesome #respect


    High of weed and lots of gin


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made everything (leveldesign, 2 custom textures, mapping...)


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Ringel Joined 4y ago

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