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A Map for Team Fortress 2

A pretty nightclub and conservatory map for trade.

What is it? This is probably one of the most pointless maps you'll find is an exhibition of my artwork within TF2 disguised as a nightclub. This is a remake of a map I had previously made before the Steampipe update...but it was trashed due to the updates. The original had mazes, deathtrap games, and all sorts of big and little places to see and explore. I tried to keep the original design of the conservatory and the nightclub in this version. Preview on Youtube Features -Small-sized map for your viewing and playing pleasure. -Nightclub -Conservatory -Art and Colors Galore! -Don't forget the TV screen with the dancing Medic and Sniper. Installation -Drop this into your Steam/Steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/download/maps folder. Can I use this in Garry's Mod or SFM? -My computer has problems compiling maps with HDR despite it being checked, so it may not work in SFM. -Theoretically it SHOULD work in GMOD but I didn't test it. Can I host this map on my server? -YES! Please do. Also, please let me know so I can come visit your server, but you don't need to ask permission. -You can change the gravity to 600 or 500 if you want. Can I decompile, change, or edit this? -Absolutely not. If you see a version that has been changed, let me know. I hate your style. It's so girly/gay/self-important/etc -lol, really? cool. Bug Reports -Just send me a PM on dA, Steam, or Youtube. I'll most likely see the message. Cool Stuff to Know -There are two easter egg pictures provided by my friends. See if you can find them! -There's a secret room called the Ego Room. Find it, and you'll know why it's called that. -All custom textures/skybox/art/photos by me or of me. On deviantArt


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  • Agent 360 X-2 avatar
    Agent 360 X-2 Joined 9y ago
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    **Pros:** - The style of the Night Club - The beauty in the nature area **Cons:** - The lag when looking at the bar. - The size of the map. I know it's a trade map, but I expected a lot just from all the beautifulness. **Improvements:** - The lag when looking at the bar. **Notes:** - Try making the bottles at the bar non-solid. That'll REALLY reduce the amount of lag when looking at them, as well as any props that can't be touched or don't need to be touched.
    Silver Dragon Of Love~
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    this is gold
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  • AzimuthVII avatar
    AzimuthVII Joined 9y ago
    1,051 points Ranked 24,939th
    Reminds me a bit of a map called cyber punk, just more colorful and shiny. Mainly because of the whole nightclub thing. Anywiggle, great job. Im going to be playing this for the next week without any pants on. <3
    Silly Dingleberry
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  • kungfubellydancer avatar
    kungfubellydancer Joined 7y ago
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    > **Posted by SnackPatrol** > I hate your style. It's so girly/gay/self-important/etc lol really? Cool.
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    I hate your style. It's so girly/gay/self-important/etc
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    Buy factory direct and save!
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kungfubellydancer Joined 7y ago
161 points Ranked 61,386th


kungfubellydancer avatar
kungfubellydancer Joined 7y ago
161 points Ranked 61,386th
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1) Do not decompile, modify, reupload, duplicate, or claim my work as your own. 2) Freely use on your servers provided you abide by the above rule. You do no need permission to use on a public or private server. 3) Feel free to use in your youtube videos or screenshots.





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