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de_investment - A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

27th August: Content Update #1
- 3D skybox added. Still WIP. A homage to Mirror's Edge
A defusal map set in the upper floor of an office building owned by Vehreschild Investment. A radical anti-capitalist group plans to destroy either the server room or to send a message by bombing the CEO's office. Extensive monitoring enabled the authorities to send a SWAT team just in time to prevent the bombing. Important notes:
1) the map is still Beta. The gameplay has been tested several times with human players, but since this is basically a one man project, adding all custom assets takes time.
2) all custom content is made from scratch.
3) the map will be updated over time to polish it and to replace all placeholder props with their final variants. Sounds need to be added and other stuff. Since I did not add credits in the map itself yet, here a list of people who contributed to the map so far:
Jman – animated banner
SmurftYours - a sofa model
pk_hunter - paintings
plagueofburia - painting
schoft - server for playtests
Dr. Delta - bamboo plant
vcool – sculpture
MayheM – corporate logo design
Hollow - sculpture
Chopium – skybox texture
Vicpop – a special favor
charlie - a skybox building
my fiance - for her loving support of this hobby Many members from helped me by taking part in the playtests and offering advice.
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  • VJScope avatar
    VJScope Joined 8y ago
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    **Pros:** - Large map (finally) and kinda "maze" - Nice details **Improvements:** - Doors and some glass walls are confusing. You can't tell which will open and which don't. Maybe put some obstacles so people know they can't open them. - You have 2 mesh inside each other in some stairs. Looks annoying.
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  • cREANy0 avatar
    cREANy0 Joined 9y ago
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    Looks awesome! Better than some Battlefield CQ Maps :D
    Founder of Unscrup-Gamers
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  • PresidentEvil avatar
    PresidentEvil Joined 9y ago
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    very nice max players?
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  • GhettoJack avatar
    GhettoJack Joined 8y ago
    513 points Ranked 47,803rd
    I absolutely loved mirros edges art style and you've nailed on this map! Really really amazing job -The map looks fantastic! As good or even better than the actual game! A huge amount of work looks like it has gone into the style and its is astonishing how beautiful it is! Little bit laggy for me but, still very good work. - Map layout is good! Played around a bit with bots and it was fun! Overall just a really amazing map! 10/10 Also did you strip the textures straight from mirrors edge or get them from other means? They are really elegant, simple textures
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    mmatses Joined 13y ago
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    HOLY SH!T this is amazing......
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