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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

A aim map, with secrets and stuff.

Just a better version of my "aim_perfect_deagle" map. It has a little bit more changes(ex. it's a lot bigger), and i decided to give it a new name. It has a little secret too. Somewhere at the map is a ladder. You can climb up and show your parkour skills, if you get the AWP. It's at the middlest Box at the map.



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    Very basic, but at least you tried. What mostly needs work of this map are the looks, which are very depressive in it's current state. The skybox is what is actually giving this map said feeling, why? Because the map is fullbright, that means the textures will seem a bit unrealistic because they will always have the same looks no matter what you do. The point here is that that skybox has a lot of different tones of gray (don't forget that it also looks blurred) and does not contribute, because of the map being fullbright it doesn't gives any appeal to it, being said they have the same type of colors. To be honest, it makes that fact even worse.
    That skybox doesn't fit in there.
    Let's go straight to your textures. First, I like the fact that you tried to make the floor and the blocks match, however, this doesn't applies for the surrounding ones. In fact, these white/gray walls are misaligned, they don't look very clean, they are tiled because of constant use and they don't go that well together with the others because those are wood textures. As a note, perhaps you may want to correct the space on the spawns, since the T spawn is way bigger than the CT's. The gameplay; there is a big lack of weaponry in this map, the fact that there are only deagles, 1 awp and two grenades on the entire map makes it a bit boring, even more because the AWP is likely unreachable. Maybe consider placing more weapons than a sniper rifle, or add a buyzone, since the map seems to be open for use of all type of weapons. It could make it more fun. A pretty questionable thing is the spawn points, for such a not-so-little map, why there is only 1 spawnpoint for each team? It can still be better if this was made for at least 7 vs 7, or 5 vs 5, so the gameplay doesn't gives a so lonely feeling. The bots still seem to work fine with the auto-generated nav so no problems with they behavior. Overall I give this a 3, what mostly needs improvement here, is the skybox and the lighting (that is currently missing). Although it isn't the best, your mapping-for-second-time effort still stands. Let's hope you can apply these improvements on your next maps, and remember, textures need to match with each other!


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    Your Map looks a little bit Simple. It would be great if you put in more Details, and put in some more Screenshots :3 It would be boring on a big Server, with about 24 People playing. My Opinion :)




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