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Small map of survival:3

Small map of survival. Enjoy:3 --- Map by Woolfy:3 16.07.2013



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    Zombie Panic: Source Ambassador

    I have played this map for 40 minutes with 16~13 players on the server and i liked the concept of the map that you made and i really enjoyed it, while i was a survivor unfortunately.
    I'll say what i liked on the map for the first view: a survival map that survivors spawns inside the houses and need to barricade them-selfs and grab all the weapons and ammo to keep zombies away from the doors, and a possible way to go to the roof of the houses and cross on a small bridge wood. That's good thing you did, i can at last go to other house, met with my team mates and help them out killing the zombies.
    The number of weapons and ammo that you put on the map is very regular, it's good, i at last survived in 8 minutes with 4 people as a zombie. And the barricades you can put a little more to protect our windows if the zombies break the doors or push our props away.

    Now the cons of the map: it's too "small" for my opinion. If this map goes to a full server, won't be space/houses for everybody, and we would have the "respawn-killing" issue, since i only saw 2 zombie spawns on the street inside the tunnels right? Well you could put more zombie spawns around the map, behind some houses, or create a sewer for only zombies, to have secure area to regenerate their health and team up to rush in some house.
    The ambiance still need more improvements: put more trees and some brush work on the neighborhood, create a scenery of destruction and apocalypse, some fire and trashes on the street and dead bodies too.
    And if you still don't know how to create a good "skybox" area, read and watch some tutorials on the internet to learn it. Just putting big walls around the houses doens't look good to be honest.
    I couldn't get out the houses or get inside it through the windows of the houses, check that on hammer and make them more bigger.

    However, i enjoyed the map and my friends too with the game-play and we had fun in the final of each rounds. We would be appreciated if you make other version of this map.

    Cya latter and good luck! :)


    OBM and ZPS Developer


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