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A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6

AWP-SPACE-SHIPS by V1C70R Original textures by Philip Klevestav *Just a little map created in 2 and a half days *Please post your feedback - suggestion,bugs,comments,etc *enjoy :)



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    Wow! This map is truly awesome! Although it is a bit realistic, guys will die in vacuum and get sucked to outer space but who cares? This a really innovative and different maps. This map is a must have in good AWP servers. The map is really well constructed with lots of special effects provided by the means of sprites. There is motion effect produced due that wind-like sprite floating in the air. The spaceship's motion is also defined by the fire coming out of the rocket's propellers in both the space ships. I'd like to see a bluish fire sprite here which will look better than your current one. The interior of the ships is also good. There is a device near the door which we can press, it turns from green to red, though I could not discern it's purpose. The entry to the interior is also great, it contains a blue / red glowing / moving sprite which adds to the cool techno feel. The gameplay promises to be interesting. Players will shoot each other at the opposite spaceships. There is no chance of spawn killing as all players spawn at a safe spot. Though it is possible if one can reach the teleporters between the two ships which will transport the player to the opposite ship's spawn area so I would not recommend it for death match perhaps. There is also a higher section of the ship which can be reached with a ladder from the spawn point. The addition of two levels makes the gameplay dynamic. Also no player will be able to hide from the opposing team as the inclusion of teleporters provides a facility to enter the opposing team's spaceship thereby preventing any "long rounds" due to camping players. The skymap provided really gives it the space-like atmosphere. There is Earth down below, a huge globe. And up there are 3 moons / planets or whatever... It's a good thing you created / used a different skymap rather than the HL Xen one which would've looked good too. The texturing is good with new and amazing textures used that give it the ultra techno-modern feeling... okay that's me exaggerating a bit but still the map looks good and eye-candy enough. As improvements, I think you should randomize the positioning of the boxes as it is the same on both the ships. Will make it look more realistic. Also the middle "interior" part of the ship looks a bit silly, players just go from one side to other through it and it really feels funny. Maybe you should add a lower level too, jutting out form the main level of the spaceship, just below the teleporter. It'll be cool, I think to kill players from the underside too.


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    > **Posted by athid** > **Pros:** > > - -wadinclude > - cool theme > - plenty spawn points > - the ships remind me of starwars battlefront 2 thank you so much @athid :)
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    **Pros:** - -wadinclude - cool theme - plenty spawn points - the ships remind me of starwars battlefront 2


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Map creator,Texture edits
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Philip Klevestav
Original Textures


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