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Stroggos Supply Station

A Map for Quake II

================================================================ Title : Stroggos Supply Station Filename : supstat1, supstat2, supstat3 Author : Mek Mek Homepage : Email Address : Description : It's a pretty simple and easy map. You are heading home and are near Stroggos, when suddendly the engines stop to work and you shipwreck on the planet. There's nowhere to hide, nowhere to go. You have to kill all the Stroggs and leave Stroggos by going through the Stargate to Earth. ================================================================ * Play Information * Single Player : Yes Cooperative : No Deathmatch : No Difficulty Settings : No New Sounds : Yes New Graphics : Yes New Monsters : No New Demos : No New Models : No >> To play, just preserve folder hierarchy and put these files and a folder into the main directory where you have Quake 2. Launch Start.bat and enjoy! * Construction * <> Supstat1.bsp Entities: 513 Models: 144 Monsters: 32 Polyhedrons: 1361 Vertices: 13987 Faces: 10276 Compile times: TXQBSP3 - 53 sec, TIMVIS3 - 9h 2min 54s, ARGHRAD - 18min 14s <> Supstat2.bsp Entities: 611 Models: 62 Monsters: 28 Polyhedrons: 1108 Vertices: 10680 Faces: 7839 Compile times: TXQBSP3 - 34 sec, TIMVIS3 - 30min 51s, ARGHRAD - 13min 34s <> Supstat3.bsp Entities: 150 Models: 10 Monsters: 20 Polyhedrons: 240 Vertices: 2258 Faces: 1626 Compile times: TXQBSP3 - 3 sec, TIMVIS3 - 17s, ARGHRAD - 1min 2s Base : New map from scratch Editor(s) used : QuArK 6.4 Alpha 3, which I really like Other(s) used : ARGHRAD, TXQBSP3, TIMVIS3, QBSP3, Windows Sound Recorder :) IrfanView, Notepad++ Known Bugs : Some strange HOM effects may appear (nothing important), sometimes you can see strange shadows - these are the results of that strange compilers, I can't do very much with it :(. When you are dialing the Stargate, the lights on it don't turn on (I have no idea why...) There are some bugs with the sky too... Contruction Time : Two months on and off Compile Machine : Pentium II 2x400 MHz (dual processor), 512 MB RAM Thanks : All the people helping me at the official Quark forum and the authors of the Quark, a great map editor :) Comments : Don't forget to send me your comment about the level. It took me some months to create this map, you take two minutes to write me your e-mail. Thanx :) If you want the map, just send me an e-mail asking it. DON'T FORGET TO TURN ON YOUR SPEAKERS (so you can hear the new sound of the lifts and the Stargate). And no cheating! Legal Crap : You may use the level as you want but you must not reverse compile this bsp or otherwise use the original .map or .bsp as a base to build additional levels for any purpose, commercial or otherwise. This archive may be distributed over the Internet only, providing this text file is present and unaltered. You may not distribute this BSP commercially in any way without my express permission. If you want to include my map in a mappack, you are required to contact me. If you want to sell it on a CD, I require to get a copy of that CD free of charge :)). Some credit would be nice. And that's all, folks. ENJ0Y!


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