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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

Litte aim map, terro must runner through map !

Have fun ! [video de présentation ! Introduce video]( "")



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    Just no. That's what I said when I saw how basic this map is and the lack of a _proper_ navigation file. I will just give you a short review since there is not much to say about it. The map is little, but here it goes: **Pros:** - I kinda like your gameplay concept, looks a bit incomplete though. - The walls are well done. No texture tiling. - Both lighting and sunlight used. **Cons:** - Flat texturing. The floor also lacks detail. - Lighting still makes the textures look boring, if you just look at the grass you will see. - Lack of a navigation file, as said earlier, the CT's only aim to the wall while T's go to the other side of the map and start to knife the wall. - Very non matching textures such as the one in the middle and the wood. The theme is really confusing. - T spawn: Why you put such an high ramp? Shorten it. - CT Spawn: It seems that you forgot to put a light prop at one side where light is coming out of nowhere. - The texture for the giant button is so much stretched that losses a lot of detail. - Weak shadows. Weak illumination. **Improvements:** - You should add _a bit_ more boxes over the map rather than only using them at a spawn. Scatter them on the middle too. - Use textures that could've the same type of colors, such as a mix of some textures from cs\_italy and de\_dust. - Fix the cons above, such as adding the missing light prop, and tweaking the T side a bit. - Make a user-made nav file. Using the auto-generated file is like playing without any. - Give more tone to the shadows as you give more strength to the sun entity. **Notes:** - 3.75/10. In my opinion, it looks very basic (in the bad meaning, since it lacks appeal) and terribly requires work, yet, I see that you tried your best and I see it's not a bad start compared to other starts.
    I hope you don't take this as a offensive nor rude post, since this is made to point out the advantages/disadvantages of your creation.
    Hope you keep going!


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