ZP:S Lake Map Pack

A Map for Zombie Panic! Source

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A collection of Lake Maps for ZP:S.

A map pack with all the latest lake maps


As of 10-27-2017 (September 16th, 2016), the Lake Map Pack has been updated with the latest versions of the lakes maps for use in ZPS.

All sffix/swfix maps, as well as some of the main maps in the previous pack, have all been updated to the "sfr" revision and are denoted by version numbers. This was a much more suitable format as it would allow for multiple iterations without thinking of new naming conventions. The "sfr" generation of lake maps introduces fixes to the maps that make them more stable to play on the game servers as well as bug fixes, feature requests, and optimizations that were gathered together over the years.

I would also like to introduce the "shr" versions of some of the maps, which are the "hardcore" revisions (no relation to the ZPS hardcore gamemode). These iteration of maps restore some of the old features of the maps that were removed due to balance issues and it was done at player request since a lot of players wanted that stuff back in the maps. So instead of sticking to one set, I made two to satisfy everyone who enjoys lake maps. After all, if it was not for the players who provided me feedback and suggestions, these maps would have just disappeared from ZPS.


I felt this was as good a time as any to release a map pack for ZP:S that includes a good number of popular/iconic lake maps as wells a few other, less well known lake maps. Many of the maps in this pack do not have a formal place to be downloaded from, so I provided it on my website as well as here to, hopefully, preserve them.

Most of these maps that are in this map pack are classic maps I had worked on/revised back in 2012 when the ZP:S 2.3 update broke maps like lake and cabin. I gathered many of these map’s .vmf files together (my source being Daimyo21), and began work to fix them. I not only fixed the window dropping issue, but optimized all of the maps I had access to so that they would run better.

When another update for ZP:S came out to fix some of the window dropping issues, I reverted the changes that made it easier for zombies to window drop, but kept all the map optimizations in, which helped to increase fps, fixed some major issues, and make it so the Lake Maps server didn’t crash as often, mainly because a lot of these maps had some bad stuff going on in them that caused an inevitable server crash after awhile of running.

Anyway, the maps were optimized, bugs/issues were fixed, and a few things here and there were even tweaked a little bit to ensure that the maps would carry on without too much trouble in future updates.


I plan on keeping up with updating these within the map pack as well as making more of my own and adding them to this map pack as time rolls along. If anyone else wants their maps added to the map pack, I will gladly add it to the collection, provided the map is properly optimized and ready for use on game servers, but I'll only add them at user request. Once ZPS3.0 comes out, I shall update these maps to be compatible with the game.

I have included a changelog of the most recent set of updates and have updated the readme file with information about the original authors of the maps (I have also updated this page as well). If any information is off or incomplete, please let me know so that I may fix it. I want to ensure that credit is properly given where it is due to make sure the lake maps legacy lives on for others to enjoy for themselves.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, etc., and/or if you'd like to talk about the maps I edited/reworked, feel free to contact me on here or via Steam.




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Original Authors
Created the map zpo_lake_of_sickness
Created the maps zpo_lake_of_fallen and zpo_lake_of_unknown
Daniel Higgins
Created the map zpo_lake_of_legends
Fly boy
Created zpo_iceland, zpo_lake_plasterd, zpo_lakebed, and the various versions of zpo_lake_of_the_dead
Created the map zpo_lake_of_storms
Created the map zpo_deadport
Created the map zpo_lake_of_silence_final
Created the map zpo_lake_of_deathrow, a version of zpo_lake_of_the_dead, and zpo_lake_of_sorrows(?)
Versus Terminus
Created the map zpo_dark_lake
Created the maps zpo_lake_of_acid
Create the original zpo_lake_coldwater
Providing the .vmf files for these maps as well as contributing to some of the fixes to the maps.
Gathered the maps together, reworked a majority of the maps in the map pack to be more optimized.
Special Thanks
For once hosting the server that played only Lake Maps, including all the ones I have in this map pack.
Lake Players
For playing these maps.
Vertigo Gaming (VG)
For keeping the Lake maps alive and well.


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