New Lake: "zpo_zombhunter"

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HISTORY: U.S. north cold, an old trading port is the refuge of survivors in the zombie apocalypse. Come winter, the lake freezes and zombies have free passage to feed. Survive as you can in this great map. INFO: -Ice breakable -Many munitions -Mysteries (Streetlights green light) -5 Houses -...and more... Enjoy it.



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    Thanks Mr.Silence. After all it is the best review I can read. And I give you all the reason. And also include it's my first map and I stayed a month watching tutorials to learn to do everything.

    One tip, look at the green lights are mysteries, and see the speaker of the pub.

    Thank you very much and by the way I'm working on my second map.

    Greetings and sorry my English. (Google Traslante) XD
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    Pretty cool lake map. It has the classic feel to it and all the elements that go with it. I do like the breakable "ice" on it, which is an interesting touch. Seems like it would be a fun map to play on a full server.

    However, the map itself suffers from some pretty bad fps drops and lacks optimization. There are a number of things that could fix this:

    1.) Using optimization brushes present within the map. You have no hint/skips or areaportals or anything like that. Lake maps, by nature, are not very optimized maps due to their open world, size, and prop/entity heavy gameplay. That said, you can easily optimize some of the map by Using brushes like areaportals on the houses and underground tunnels will prove very beneficial in blocking visibility of these entities from the player's view.

    2.) Using func detail on various things within your world. Your map is mainly comprised of world brushes and entities and the use of func detail on all kinds of stuff in your world could make a big difference on the map's optimization. For example, some parts of the house stands, the non-breakable ramps, and some world geometry-based signs could all be func details.

    3.) Some of your props are prop physics instead of prop physics multiplayer. In any multiplayer maps for source games, there is no real reason to use prop physics (at least not a good portion of the time anyway). While it is more "accurate", physics wise, to use prop physics, its affects are costly overall and can contribute to server/client lag and fps drops, especially maps like lake maps, which is why the prop physics multiplayer exists.

    4.) Using nodraw on brush faces that are not seen by the player. I noticed you had a lot of brushes that had textures on them, despite the player not being able to see them. This is just more stuff to render/calculate and it can make things a bit more difficult, especially when compiling the map.

    5.) Using power of 2 and/or even, whole numbered, brush sizes. This can definitely help with compilation time, especially when these brushes are placed on the grid.

    6.) Making sure brushes do not overlap each other, especially world brushes. It is a sign of "sloppy" brush work and it can cause some issues. They should be touching, but not overlapping.

    7.) Do not use really reflective water. It looks really nice, but in all honesty, it is costly. See if you can find some water texture that isn't as reflective but is not transparent, kinda like the water used on lake of acid.

    Still, you've got a cool map. Hope this helps!
    Holy Mackeral


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Version v2_b2ffix
-Add a buttonable window in bunker
-Add a new secret (green light)
-Extended time of 10 min to 15 min.
-Fix green secret
-Fix spawn weapons
-Fix Triggerit tracking pixel