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de_petrol - A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Bomb/defuse map on an oil rig!

de_petrol ========= Terrorists have boarded an oil rig and plan to blow up the biohazards and the oil tanks! CTs must stop the Ts before they can complete their mission. Ts must prevent the CTs from stopping the bombs. This map was created for the CEVO/Gamebanana competition for a 5v5 competitive map in CSGO. Changes 5/1/13: =============== - slightly increased lighting based on feedback - few minor fixes/changes Changes from de_oil: ==================== - Name changed from de_oil to de_petrol to better fit theme and logo/decal - Walls on CT side of the map have a new, blue metal texture to help differentiate which part of the map you are on. - Bombsite A has recieved a rework to offer more competitive play. - Soundscape has been removed to offer more competitive play. - New path to Lower B from CT spawn has been added! - Fixed lighting - You can find the old map here: []( "") Features: ========= - Custom Nav with location names - Custom radar/loading screen - Custom materials and model by Tricky - Custom skybox by komaokc - 32 player slots - Color correction Subscribe here to receive updates: ================================== []( "")
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    Dat Skybox. Awesome map.
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  • Good Work. Keep it up!
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    ============= Well, this map sure is an eye-catcher. It does have many awesome and creative features.
    This is my very first feedback to such kind of maps. I don't really do feedbacks for these maps, as they need alot of details in the feedback.
    But I have tried my best to get all the details in here. So here it goes: Pros:
    ===== The skybox, materials, color correction, textures, detailing, decals, etc. are very good.
    I can't say upto the mark, but it is close enough to the mark.
    That spotlight which keeps rotating is very nice and fits with the theme.
    The pipes and wires were upto the mark, and those need not to be touched- as they fit perfectly with the map.
    What I did like the most about this map is the amazing skybox and the theme.
    The rest too is good, but not upto the mark.
    ===== The Lighting
    ------------ To be frank, the _lighting is very variable and unbalanced_.
    At some places the lighting is fine, and at some no lighting.
    This makes the visibility weak and players can't see properly, but then again- the theme is such that the lighting has to be low.
    **Here are some screenshots I took in-game of places where I found awkward lighting.**
    The Bombsites
    ------------- The bombsite A has a _big "A_" in between- that's fine but don't you think it's a bit too big?
    Also, at bombsite B, instead of a big fat "B" there is a _big fat "X_"- it doesn't make any sense to me.
    **Here are some screenshots.** The Navigation
    -------------- I tested the map with bots on, now I found the _bots going crazy here and there_.
    There was one round where the bots couldn't find each other for around 3 minutes.
    **Here are some screenshots.**
    The Gameplay
    ------------ I didn't really want to add this sub-topic in the "Cons" topic, but I had to.
    The reason is that _navigating throughout the map is tough and finding the way out is tough_.
    But once, you get used to it- there is no problem then.
    Yes, there is a radar, but think of it like this- the lighting is poor and everywhere it looks the same.
    So _players do get confused_ to navigate throughout the map- making it a complete disaster.
    Limited Use of Props
    -------------------- Now, you may disagree with me on this sub-topic but here is how I see it.
    The map has many _props repeated_ here and there, such as the crates- hardly three-four types of them I saw.
    This is fine to a certain extent, but I think that you may have exceeded the extent a bit.
    There were'nt many props, but only just enough.
    ============= The Lighting
    ------------ _Fix the lighting_, add corrections/spotlights/adjust brightness, etc.
    This would also help the gameplay by allowing players to clearly make out areas and enemies, etc.
    The Bombsites
    ------------- Make a completely _new decal_ maybe with a smaller size.
    The Navigation
    ------------ _Fix the navigation mesh_, in simpler words: fix the .nav file for the better functioning of bots.
    The Props
    --------- _Add more props_, but this time use different types of props. Many vertigo props fit in this theme.
    The Submission
    -------------- Now the submission only has 9 screenshots, which I think is not enough to cover the map.
    _Add more screenshots to cover-up the entire map._
    The Radar
    --------- The map radar is what you can see, mostly black. This confuses the players vision/sight. Maybe use a lighter black, slightly grey maybe.
    ====== I had tested the map with bots, it seemed messed up according to me, but I think that the map will work fine without bots.
    =========== This map has it's own advantages as well as disadvantages.
    Since all that is covered up above, I don't need to talk about them anymore.
    I just wanted to say:
    **"All in all a really good job, alot of effort has been applied and that can be seen.
    But, it can be done better."**
    ### I hope you liked my feedback, and if you have any queries- pm me or contact me.
    All the best mapper!
    -------------------- _Regards,_
    -------- **Matr!X7689** ==========
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    Nice lighting and skybox mate.
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    Got no fuel, running on pure a
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