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The Thing

A Map for Duke Nukem 3D

A homage to John Carpenter's film "The Thing"

Title : The Thing Date Completed : 04/15/13 Filename : Author : Thobias Fast Email Address : thibiasfast_(AT) / Other Levels : City of Despair, Crossroads, Ginnungagap, Stadium Redux, Desert Storm, Retaliation Description : The Thing is a homage to the... well, sci-fi horror film named "The Thing" by John Carpenter released in 1982. Don't expect any riveting combat here. This is more or less just a dedication to the film. If you don't like that sort of thing, fine, but don't bitch and whine to me about the lack of gameplay. Additional Credits : Walter Fox for inspiration and testing as well as Forge for testing. John Carpenter and his crew for the film Naoshi Mizuta for the Parasite Eve II soundtrack The guys over at for being a valuable asset. Without you this map would've never been made. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : No DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : N/A Atomic Edition Required : Yes New Sound : Yes New Music : Yes New Art : No Modified CONs : Yes Demos Replaced : None * Construction * Base : New level from scratch Build Time : 2 years Editor(s) used : Mapster32 Known Bugs : Nothing that I'm aware of. May Not Run With... : Old DOS version of Duke Nukem 3D or any other source port except EDuke32. Important Notes : Since this is using a feature called TROR (true- room-over-room) not present in the old DOS game or any other source port it will NOT WORK WITH THESE. EDuke32 IS REQUIRED! Please also refrain from using the High Resolution Pack (HRP), Polymer or the classic 8-bit rendering. This was designed with the Polymost rendering in mind. Using any of the other rendering modes will produce visual glitches not present in Polymost. SO POLYMOST ONLY AND DON'T COME AND FUCKING BITCH TO ME IF IT LOOKS WRONG JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE USING THE WRONG RENDERING MODE. Also if you have any custom sounds files in the root folder of EDuke32 please remove or move them elsewhere as they might conflict with the sound files inside the archive. Installation : Unzip the contents of the .ZIP into the root folder of EDuke32. Use the .BAT file (thething.bat) to launch the game. * Copyright / Permissions * I don't care, you may use this map to build upon and/or copy sectors over to another map* as long as you give me credit for it. Thank you. *Unless your name is Gambini. Hurr hurr.



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Key Authors
Level Designer
Original Authors
Naoshi Mizuta
Special Thanks
John Carpenter
Walter Fox
Outpost 31 website


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