A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Defend\attack a metallurgy industry, where secret investigations are going. Destroy the helipad access or the secret boat exit.

My entry for the CEVO\GameBanana contest. Defend\attack a metalurgy industry, where secret investigations are going. Destroy the helipad access or the secret boat exit. Simple structure, yet filled with props to ensure nice visuals and exciting gameplay. Be better than the enemy by moving fast, silently or getting better ground. But be careful, EVERY second counts. Final Build for the contest! 0.9.2 ###### Updates for 0.9.2 - Changed tree models - Removed models not being used - Updated the Nav file - Minor bug fixes Instructions Simply merge the csgo folder with your own. Its location its usually. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive To get the latest version of this map subscribe to the workshop page of this map


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    I had a chance to playtest the map and I collected my thoughts for you. - The map has an original setup, a base on a cliff in the middle of a lake, something we don’t see much in other maps, which heavily overuse the industrial theme. - The map shows skilled brushwork and texturing and a good eye for design, well done. - The wall bombing/demolition at T start, as well as the destruction of bombsite A, is a nice touch to add to the setup realism. - The overall detailing is quite pleasing as everything has a legitimate reason to exist; details across the map serve a purpose and are also harmonious to look at. - Nice 3D skybox serving as a pleasant extension to the playable area (although it’s a bit over-foggy; you probably wanted to hide details and reduce visibility but a slight fog density reduction or fog distance increase in the sky\_camera should yield better visual results in my opinion ) - Good fps overall and the map is adequately optimized (areaportals, angular hints as denoted by the triangular visleaves around corners using mat\_leafvis 1). However, I noted couple of angled structures/brushes between CT and bomb A that should have been turned to func\_detail to further increase fps outdoors. Now for some minor issues that caught my attention but still require your consideration nonetheless. Most of your indoor lights are too close to walls, causing an ugly bright patch of light on the wall when compiling in HDR. You will be better off by moving your light entities 64-72 units away from wall/ceiling depending on geometry to have improved realistic lighting. The map is mute with no soundscapes. You may want to add some sea sounds with seagulls (some seagulls flying above the pine trees should also be a nice touch), wind, birds for outdoors and various industrial/office sounds for indoors to inject some dynamism in the map. You have some misaligned textures on the cliffs near CT spawn. Some displacements for the cliffs between CT and bombsite A are flat and very edgy/square. You may want to revisit them and sculpt them some more to a better organic shape. The map is enjoyable, both visually and gameplay-wise; it just needs minor adjustments and polish to be even better. Keep it up and best of luck in your future maps.
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Key Authors
Eugenio Roman
Joris Ceoen
Tree Models


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