A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6

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Operation: Gribbon

Mission Status This summer mountain estate, complete with a view of a waterfall, has been purchased by a well known and wealthy financial supporter of the special forces group known as the Counter Terrorist Squad. His name is Mr. Sean P. Gribbon.

A terrorist faction has taken the house and its occupants hostage and are threatening to kill Mr. Gribbon and his colleagues if the sum of 100 million dollars is not deposited into a secure offshore account within 24 hours.

News have been spread that the Terrorist Factions recorded themselves live on television and one of their members that seems to be the leader of the group stated, "We are not playing games here. If you want this man alive, then give us the money, and everything will be back to normal. You've got twenty-three hours, sixteen minutes, and five seconds and still ticking. Once the time has passed... better kiss this man goodbye."

The Counter-Terrorist Squads are now on their way to summer mountain estate to save the team's financial supporter.

Objectives Counter-Terrorist Squad: Infiltrate the house and rescue Mr. Gribbon and the other hostages and bring them to one of four safe points, or eradicate the terrorist presence leaving none standing

Terrorist Faction: Stand your ground, keeping the house and the hostages under tight watch or eliminate the Counter-Terrorist Squad sent to foil your plans of wealth and world domination

**NOTE**: Hostage models on screenshots are not included in the download. Nav files are imbalanced. I hope someone would willingly fix it, but will not re-submit the whole map.. ------------------ "Special thanks goes to the following:

www.reloads revenge.com - for being the best CS server out there
www.globalassault.com - for being the best site for all HL Mods out there
www.lanmaniax.com - for pimpin my map and getting it out to the masses
spastic over at www.specialskool.waistdeepinentrails.co.uk - for the high detail hostage models
xenon - for supplying some killer models
blazzer - for making some kick ass textures and letting other mappers use them" Click for original and unedited description. `A classic map by MayheM`
`e.mail: sgcreations@bellsouth.net`
`Website: www.geocities.com/sgcreations`



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