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Yeah.... Looks a little infantile...
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    I will start saying this: It is somewhat perfect. Design is pretty simple, and tolerable at the same time, being perfectly balanced, it effects the gameplay positively and also looks pretty well made, the construction is also pretty squared, which is not often seen in maps, at least for me. The map also as a excellent texturing, that is pretty detailed and definitively fits the design, you also made some variations of colors to avoid monotony and extract the juice from the texture you used. It contains too a delightful lightning that makes your level even more appealing, but also the light's origins are generally well selected, making the shadows look in the exact space. Gameplay is pretty fair, although can be better, I'm talking about the gameplay with bots, and the battle starts very early, just when anyone do one step off the tower, starts to shoot to the other side without stopping, nobody goes to the other spawn and just attacks from pretty away places, this is the reason why the round sometimes doesn't end that soon. Getting onto some issues, there are minor things that I would recommend to fix, maybe things that were mistakes from you while mapping, and this is related to the lightning, more specifically, in the towers. There are lights on every tower than seem to be coming out of nowhere, if you look at the low part of those "stairs" that lead you upward, you will see that there are two lights on everyone of them, and this applies to every of the towers. Aside from that, I see you used a dev texture for the bridges between the towers' upper part, that doesn't fits the map in no way, and also does not look quite good, you should replace it with a little brick wall, texturing it with the same textures that are already on the map, this would look more fitting to the level and should be a fix for said uncomfortability, after this, I can't find anything that would be for improvement in your creation. I will give it a 9.00 overall, the design is definitively nice as texturing, and gameplay still runs good, the only thing you should have added is sound,I love the non-realistic feeling you gave to it, looks different to the majority of other levels I have seen out there. Good work and better luck on next maps (although I don't really think you need it)! :)


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