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A Map for Team Fortress 2

A Small Medieval Map

Map Info ================== What started off as a mock up of a request has turned into my Third map, Koth_Hungry! It's a very small medieval map in a Hill-y forest area with the point on a rock temple. There are areas for Huntsman snipers and Fire for their arrows, but also cover to hide from them. Recommended for smaller amounts of players, as the point turns into a war zone really fast. There are some small health packs by the point, and large health and ammo packs in the forest. Other than that, the screenshots paint a pretty good idea of the map. There may even be some secrets to find ;) Key Features ================== - Medieval Madness - Great Details - Simple Layout - Metagame - Fire for Huntsmans - Secret Temple Ruins Back Story ================== While you might not be able to tell it now, this map was actually supposed to be inspired by the Hunger Games. Someone gave me a request to make a map based on the Hunger games, and with my limited knowledge of the Minecraft Hunger Games I made a Mock up. It looks good, so me and Zemanzo worked it into the proper map you see today! Update ================== The map has been updated with a 3d skybox, a plank to the balconies and a fix for lag that some people were encountering. Please let me know if there are any other bugs you found or improvements you think should be added and we'll have a look at it.




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