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A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

de_cement by spinmapper

de_cement for the GameBanana/Cevo Competitive Mapping contest! install, drag given folders into C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps


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  • GonzoRD avatar
    GonzoRD Joined 9y ago
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    **Pros:** - Design is allright - Very simple layout **Cons:** - Looks like a 1.6 map (for me this is a con) -Skybox,textures..
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  • Anonymous
    **Cons:** - Blocky - Beginner Map - No Detail - Not Really Competition Material
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  • Wave21 avatar
    Wave21 Joined 8y ago
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    There are some clear improvements from the previous version of the map which is always good to see. It’s great to see that there are no longer props that don’t fit the theme such as the Italian windows near CT. But there is still quite a lot of room for improvement: Architecturally the map lacks a lot of detail and depth. There are a lot of misaligned and unfitting textures and much of the brush work looks blocky. Look at some of the L4D maps like Crash Course and other similar CSGO maps like Train, Sugarcane and even cashed season, which do a great job of utilising the industrial theme and still putting gameplay first. The basketball court in T Spawn seems really out of place, it doesn’t really make sense for it to be there, nor does it fit the theme. Also it doesn’t make sense to use the trucks in CT spawn, it would probably look better if you swapped them out for the APC model. The best maps tell a story of how both teams arrived and what their goals are. There are quite a lot of signs scattered around the map advertising both the map and the GB/Cevo contest. Whilst I don’t consider such instances in my score, I do feel that they take away from any immersion and greatly detract from the visuals. A lot mappers like put a little signature in their map and I hold nothing against that however the best maps put adverts and signatures in more discrete places or in special Easter egg rooms only accessible via NoClip. The best example would be Chateau, where there is an Easter egg room behind bombsite A. I’d suggest you put any CEVO/personal advertising in one of the side rooms in the form or a poster/notice or something, so that they become part of the theme instead of taking away from it. A lot of creates you’ve used are simple single brush crates, which date the map significantly. The most recent build of the source engine can easily handle more detailed func_detail based brushwork without any significant reductions to FPS. It would be amazing if you could give some of the more basic creates a greater sense of depth. If you could make the brush crates, especially those in the bombsite, more like this for example the map would instantly look 100 times better. One of the more basic changes that I didn’t like was swapping the SAS for the GIGN. Whilst I don’t hate the GIGN it was refreshing to see the SAS on a map that actually fit their origin. Besides all the signs are in English so it doesn’t much sense to use the GIGN. It wouldn’t take much effort to create some French sign decals, so if you want to use the GIGN I’d suggest you do that, for that added level of professionalism. I’d suggest naming the nav mesh via the use the dev console as well just to make the map even better. It’s shaping up really nicely. I REALLY like the layout and gameplay of this map and with some work on the visual side you could be on to a real winner. EDIT: Whoops forgot to say add some soundscapes as well, a lot of best competitive maps use ambient souds or soundscapes like Season and Mill
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  • ElijahsSoup avatar
    ElijahsSoup Joined 8y ago
    196 points Ranked 60,299th
    King Of Murlocs
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