A Map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein

A mission pack made by Flipmode and Vicpas


Title : Clonewar_Village Version : 1.0

Author(s) : Flipmode and Vicpas

Release Date : 03/14/2013

E-mails Address : /

Home Page : -.-

Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Single Player

Levels : Clonewar_Village, Clonewar2044 and Cutscene_Final.

  • Construction *

Map base : None

Custom textures : Various by Flipmode.

Custom sounds : Some by Vicpas.

Custom models used : Some Models by Vovstein, One model from Project 51 and other models by Zenith_Ply.

Custom prefabs : None.

Editors used : GTK Radiant 1.2.11

Other utilities used : Q3map2 2.5.16_win32_x86

Known bugs : None

  • Installation Information and how to play *
  • Unzip to your C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder.
  • Play using the shortcut and when the main menu appears, click in play button and after choose your favorite skill.
  • If you have RTCW installed in another directory, you must to edit shortcut.

  • Description *

This Misson pack is a version improved of the levels Clonewar_Village by Flipmode and Vicpas and Clonewar2044 by Flipmode.


  • Maps Info *

All levels were compiled with:

PC Pentium4 Dual Core 3400 MHZ with 2GB RAM

Video Card - Nvidia 6200 with 256 MB

-BSP-meta, -vis, -light - fast -nocollapse

(3 minutes to compile and about 5 minutes to AAS)


  • Changes on this version *

1 - The level Clonewar_Village was optimized with textures/common/areaportal.

2 - Added more effects on explosions (Cannons and lanterns)

3 - Added a cutscene final.

4 - Added "notebook" on gameplay

5 - Added new sounds for weapons (MG42, MP40, Mauser_Rifle and Dynamite)


  • Thanks to *

Flipmode by incomplete level(cw_vill)

Vovstein by good models and sounds

Zenith_ply for new models.

Phillip Marlowe by Text for briefings(Clonewar_Village).


  • Testers: *



  • Copyright / Permissions *

This map pack is (c) by Flipmode and Vicpas(2013). All rights reserved.

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, or any of it's assets (models,

textures, sounds, etc) i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold

for money without my explicit permission! You MAY distribute this ZIP and associated files

through the (internet, FTP, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.


  • Notes: *

1-If somebody found some bugs, please email us.

2-If i forgot somebody, please forgive us

3-To play with original weapons's sounds, delete the file "sp_new_sounds_weapons.pk3".


Return to Castle Wolfenstein is an excellent game idealized by Gray Matter Studios INC, using the engine of the game Quake III's ID Software.

Unhappily few mappers were interested in doing Mods or maps (Single Player), to give continuity the saga of the hero B.J. Blazkowicz.


Enjoy and thank you.

Flipmode and Vicpas.
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