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Re-textured and Balanced more.

Update of my old map "zm_czm_dimmed_remix" (Meant for reload servers) ========================================== *New* ----- ### :64 Player Spawns ### :Middle Vent Balanced (3 Entrances instead of 2) ### :Office Lounge Kitchen update ### :Re-textured nearly the entire map ### :Moved a secret teleport trigger ### :Updated a little of the optimization ### :Lowered displacement values from 4 to 2 ### :Lowered light map grid values (well made them higher but you know what I mean) ### Map file size un rar'd - 76.1mb ### Due to a large amount of custom textures ### Thanks for downloading the update! Have Fun! ---------



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    - It was pretty dope, I remember playing the original version on ZM, and had no problems with it then, and I have no problems with it now.
    - I like the textures, they're almost as good as the ones on the Dead Space 3 demo.


    - Needs more easter eggs.
    - And hidden spots.


    - Good map, all in all.


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    - Usually maps that claim to contain large amounts of custom content tend to miss a texture or model here and there, they get me worried, aha; this map contained it all, not a single error.
    - As far as maintaining consistency with the ZM theme and feel, I would say the map's spot on; countless areas to explore, boxes to climb up on, and not to mention all the moveable furniture.
    - Balance, lets start with the map itself. I feel satisfied saying that the map contains many well lit areas, and just as many dark, spooky environments; there's definitely a happy medium anyone who plays this will be able to enjoy. ZM wise, there's quite a variety of different barricade positions and holding spots throughout the map, very pleased with that.
    - As far as gameplay goes, I can't be totally sure in judging, I only explored the map myself. Based on the locations of the spawns, the distances between them *and* to various locations throughout the map, I have reason to believe all is fair, reasonable.
    - I found the map to be detailed enough to enjoy, although I thought you were a little conservative in some spots. The effort that was put into placing the countless trash decals, graffiti, and other blood/grunge effects was clearly evident, and those touches really held me in and kept me immersed. Also since nearly *every* wall in the map is textured with a custom, that's definitely worth mentioning, real fine work man.
    - The lighting definitely had its place in the map, couple it with the varying particle effects, sprites, and *slightly flickered lighting tones*, really made for a healthy helping of eyecandy.
    - It didn't matter what corner of the map I was at, inside or out, all around; this map feels as optimized as Valve's default coffee maps. Go ahead and play it on a Windows 98 PC with an integrated 128MB graphics card, see if I care!


    - I didn't feel it necessary to list any cons; I see a con as being game breaking, and there's not a single game breaking mishap within this entire map, it's been finely polished and it's ready to go. Although if I had to list a con, the main thing on my mind would be the geometry; a small *few* spots within the map did appear *somewhat* blocky for my taste.
    - Just wanted to note, that when I first saw this I felt like if I walked on it, it would collapse and one of the rods would impale me, aha, it's still visually appealing though.
    - I'm not really sure what's going on here, I just feel like you could have transitioned it smoother, it doesn't *flow* so well visually, but it definitely breaks up the room.
    - The custom textures were outstanding, especially the bumps, *but* in a couple areas it was slightly overwhelming, just another mention that I thought the transitions could have been smoother.
    - All in all, one of the best zm maps I've had the chance to experience, just the shear size of this allows for so much re-playability, it would take time to truly learn and master this map; which is foreseeable because it's so visually appealing *that you'll definitely have no problem spending greater amounts of time playing it*. No doubt this map's worth playing, I'd recommend it to anyone! Great work Rem:D


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Big Thanks To


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Development Info

-Programs Used in the process.
### :Source SDK
### :Hammer Editor
### :VTFEdit
### :Photoshop CS5
### :CrazyBump
### :Valve Batch Compile Tool


zm_dimmed_remix_update is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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