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  • 5y
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    It has many bad properties...



    - Good placement of props.

    - The ambience is excellent.

    The map has a good & high number of props and cars,that gives company,improves the fun a bit and gives a good ambience.The ambience looks that the CT team has been sent to an abandoned city to stop a group of terrorists that are trying to bomb it and make it dissapear from the map.



    - Most textures are very poor.

    - The map looks like a cemetery.

    Look at the screenshot,there are only gray textures,that is boring and doesn't contributes the map on anything,if there's something I can ask you is to put more living textures because all that gray looks totally depressed.If you change them the map will have more appeal and fun.

    - The map is horribly unbalanced.

    - Textures are repetitive.

    Those textures lack detail,they doesn't look to clear,most in the wood and wall textures that are too much poor.The textures used here need more work as you have to be more variant with them and not use the same too much times.

    Now let's go to the balance,it's clearly more easy for the CT's in at least every way,if you play the map many times you will understand me:The Terrorists spawn in one edge of the bridge,going down by two stairs,one is next to the end of the tunnel which covers it and the other one is at the other end of the already mentioned bridge,the CT team spawn in an alley that lead to the streets,then they go forward and reaches the building that connects the bridge to the map,enter in it and reach the Terrorist spawn,making the war start.

    The thing that bothers me is that the entire CT team goes together to the T spawn,surprising the other team and killing them fastly,I don't know why but the T's are very helpless there,this needs a desperate fixing for a more accurate gameplay.



    - Put textures with more life,the actual textures makes the map look ugly.

    - Change the T spawn.

    - Put more detailed textures.

    - Put night in the map,making it being illuminated by those lamps present in the sidewalks,that will make this more fun and comfortable.

    It isn't too good,the map hasn't flaws,but there isn't too much effort here actually.You could spend more time on this,I'm not saying that this is effortless,I still worth the actual work,but that doesn't means that I think it's perfect.

    **Overall** it looks like a practice map,the map is playable only if you are a terrorist and you survive,though it's bad in some mapping aspects,it lacks detail,has boring textures and it isn't well balanced there are some things that I can point out here like the positioning of props and the places & idea of the map.Don't feel bad,things like this can take months.

    It's a bit bad,it still needs work.



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    I love everyone.
  • 5y
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    - no lighting....


    - add lighting....


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