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A Map for Team Fortress 2

RED and BLU fight for control over Christmas!

Story = It's Christmas time and both teams have taken out a truce for the holiday season and everything it stands for. Instead of spending such a happy time in their bland workplace, RED team decides to pack their bags and head off on a road trip. Unfortunately, Soldier was the one picked to drive the car, and the team got lost. After hours of hopelessly driving, they stumble upon Santa's house in all it's glory, hiding away the power to control Christmas itself! They thought with this power, they could finally overpower BLU team, but much to their dismay, they had been followed by BLU team the whole time! With the truce now in the trash, both teams now fight over the control of Christmas! Map info = Frostwind is my second map, taking place both inside and outside in the snowy north. Created from scratch within 30-ish days, We encountered numerous troubles, but were able to still come out with a mostly good map. Even after the contest I plan to continue work on this to make it as polished as I was first hoping for! Key Features = - Winter look and feel - 3D Skybox - Great Attention to detail - Custom Wind and Fire hazards - Multiple paths and routes - Places for every class - Custom Textures - A hidden Easter egg - The Smissmas Spirit Update! = Now that the contest has finished (Unfortunately we didn't win), I can finally update the map! The update fixes quite a few bugs, adds some counter-camping measures, adds more routes to the point, optimizes, and essentially makes the map run better. I even added a Secret room. The map is still being worked on, and more updates are planned. Made by MitchellFarted and Zemanzo for the Winter Wonderland mapping contest




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