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This is a playground map for the game Portal 2. This contains both single player and coop maps, as well as the .vmf files.

YOUTUBE VIDEO: [Click here](http://youtu.be/gS3nGw5LHIo "http://youtu.be/gS3nGw5LHIo") ================== Thank you for downloading my Portal 2 Playground map! I'm sorry it took so long to release, but alas, I give this to you as my Christmas 2012 present! ------------------------------------------------------------- -- INSTALLATION (For PC. Macs should be similar is guess?) -- ------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Extract the folder "portal2" somewhere. 2. Find your steam directory. (should be something like C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam) 3. Click on the folder "steamapps" and then "common". 4. Drag the folder you extracted into the "common" folder you are in. 5. Merge the folders, and done. --------------------------- -- HOW TO ACCESS IN GAME -- --------------------------- Single player 1. Enable the developer's console. (go to options -> keyboard/mouse -> Allow developer's console) 2. Press the ` or ~ key. 3. In the console, type "map sp_portal2_playground". The map will load up, and you can play with it! Co-op 1. Enable the developer's console. 2. Create a co-op game with someone. (they MUST have this map also for this to work.) 3. In console, type "changelevel mp_coop_portal2_playground". The map will load, and you and your friends can play with it! ------------------ -- EDIT THE MAP -- ------------------ I have included the .vmf files for the people who know what they are doing. If you don't know how to create maps, then stop reading here. The main part of the level in just an instance, it is the file "instances/guitars/portal2_test_better.vmf". If you want to make your own version of this map, EDIT THIS INSTANCE to be whatever you want, but when you want to compile COMPILE THE "sp_portal2_playground" OR "mp_coop_portal2_playground" VMFS! I designed it so the single player and coop maps will both be exactly the same, except the entrance. If you know what I was talking about through any of that, than go ahead and make your own version of the map (but give me credit!) MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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