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A Map for Zombie Panic! Source

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Beta Version 3
  • SkyBox textures replaced.
  • Visual improved.
  • Soundscape improved.
  • General bugfix and improvement.
  • Preparing for the 3.0 update.
Version 2
  • Now compatible with SMAC(Sourcemod anti-cheat)

--- Map of the melee ---

This is just experimental project.

If you found any bugs report to me about it.



  • 3mo
    Sivarg avatar
    Sivarg Offline
    Member Joined 2y
    404 points Ranked 10472nd
    Hi Dr. Vodker, I'm a small youtuber who covers custom maps etc for games. I just found out about the seriousness of 3.0 and see you're preparing for it, does that mean you can convert this custom map into the new engine used? Or will it be lost for good like seemingly alot of the older, unactive maps? You see I had plans on covering some of ZPS' custom maps, but seeing the new update is coming, I'll be covering quite a few of the maps before they become unplayable, was hoping I could cover some of yours too. Are there also any custom maps you'd recommend to be covered?

    With regards, Siv.
  • 5y
    pillzXcrash avatar
    Member Joined 6y
    401 points Ranked 10536th
    May I suggest taking a look at the map called "gravity wars" where at the beginning the survivors are spawned in a particle field that strips you of your weapon and pushes you out into a room of melee weapons? So you're spawned into an entity that strips you of all weapons in stead of forcing the players to drop their own. That would require everyone to spawn in the same area though.. hmm.

    Well you could have the survivors all start in the same room and have them pass through a de-arming field to get outside, and the building becomes compromisable by the zombies once they break in through the back; etc. That'd be a lot of extra work but Idunno man. I just want to see a fixed version of this map because I really enjoyed it while it wasn't kicking everyone off every round.
    (=CG=) Pillz
  • 5y
    Players throws because of the automatic use the command "dropweapon" at the start of the match. I myself have encountered this problem. I'll try to find a solution soon.
  • 5y
    pillzXcrash avatar
    Member Joined 6y
    401 points Ranked 10536th
    Map is unplayable on my server because it causes my SMAC(Sourcemod anti-cheat) plugin to kick players for command spamming(join survivors); and it clears out the whole server. While I LOVE this map and believe everything on it to be perfect I can't put it on my server unless I remove SMAC; can you please help explain why this is happening?
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    (=CG=) Pillz
  • 5y
    Sorry, already corrected =)
  • 5y
    Tabajara 7.7 avatar
    Tabajara 7.7 avatar Out for working
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    Tabajara 7.7
    Zombie Panic: Source Ambassador
    Video is private :p


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    OBM and ZPS Developer


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