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CTF Pineapple

A Map for Team Fortress 2

Medium sized CTF inspired by 2fort and Turbine

ctf_Pineapple is a medium sized CTF map that takes heavy inspiration from 2fort and turbine. It takes place in an Underground building and a cave, and has multiple routes to the flag. Has options for every class too, like multiple sniping spots, good sentry placements and a few spy hiding places. This map is still in heavy development, if you play it please give me some feedback to improve the map. If you have a server, i'd be grateful if you could put this map on and let people try it or make a video of people playing it. (Also 'Pineapple' is only a temp name) Full details and Installation instructions are in the included README file Update 12/11/12 ========= -Added wall to protect from camping -Fixed door issues -Added more direction signs -Reduced dust in cave to prevent lag Servers ========= Thanks to the kind people over at for putting my map in their rotation! You can join them on Before Downloading! ========= If you download this map, please leave this tab open while you try it out and leave some feedback when done! I released this map to get more feedback so I can improve it, so your feedback is really important to me and the development of the map



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    Really liked it, although a majority of the map felt wasted since players only seemed to go straight. I never realized there was a lower level or outcroppings on each side over looking the center zone. I feel that if there was someway for players to have more incentive to use the upper or lower levels, then this map would go from "great" to "excellent"


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