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Red Assault

A Map for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

A infantry based level for RO2 with custom content.

Hello Thank you for considering for downloading my map! Ive spent the last three months working on this for the RO2 "CounterAttack" mapping contest. Its still a work in progress and ill added Firefight and Countdown to the map So any feedback is appreciated! Story: This level isn't based off of any real life battles. This is mostly fiction, but i'm sure the story has happened before. Red Army: The Germans have taken a critical portion of the city for our troops to get to the front. They have bomb bared our city and torn it to piece's. We must Take back our city for our forward advance! FOR STALINGRAD! Germans: The Russians Want this area so they can cut off our supply's! We must not lose this city! To the last man! Problems I know about: Lighting with the warehouse roofs is messed up. certain areas have some weird lighting. the black part of the sky. the "Blinking" texture on one of the buildings. UPDATES: 11/14/2012 B2 ----------------------- -merged the ART_ file with the TE- file so the client won't crash on redirects -changed the water shader -fixed the black part of the skybox -fixed "Blicking" texture -Added some minor details on the river 11/21/2012 B3 ---------------------- -added CD and FF gamemodes. -made the river and terrain higher by the bridge -Moved Axis spawn at F back, increase the capzone at F -Changed some collision on the buildings to the left going to F -Added more cover nodes to the black building by F for russians to get inside. -Added some ammo in the warehouse by the bridge. -Some performance increase's 12/14/2012 B4 -------------------- -Fixed Some buildings players get stuck in some of the collision brush got turn inside out. -Fixed some spawn positions enabling spawning at the wrong time. -changed spawn position when russians take the square and bombed building. -B and C can no longer be taken back by the germans after the russians take them. -Made the cap zone on the Bridge a lot large (it covers the entire river now) -Moved some cover around and added some detail in the square. -some detailing and more covernodes, the alternate route to D should be more visible. -Fixed pivot points on spawn position so it shows the correct position on the overhead map. -CD and FF should now work properly 12/30/2012 B5 ----------------------- -Added more time to 32 player match -More cover on the bridge. -Added another capture point the Warehouse -Germans cant take back the bridge and warehouse after the russians take it -Forward spawn for the russians to take F -Got rid of the external package so players and server admins only need to download the map file. | Thanks Dietl for pointing this out to me! -some detailing -Some improvments with the russians bot's 1/2/2013 B5-1 ---------------------- -Fixed the wrong positions of the capture zone's | Thank you nxsakb! 2/9/2013 B6 ---------------------- -Fixed Collision with a mesh by the bridge. -Added a forward spawn for the russians after the Russia takes the bridge and warehouse. -Fixed some floating geometry. -Added Forward Radio for Allies and Axis (inside the Warehouse by the broken Roof) -More collision Fix's -Some More detailing -Improved the Aerial recon animation track. Both sides should be able to call on recon at the same time. -Added more time between Artillery strikes -More Covernodes 2/25/2013 B6-5 ----------------- -Major changes. Got rid of A. Removed the building on the right of the square. -Made the square slightly Larger. -Changed Spawn position of the Allies -Added a close spawn the Axis behind the hospital on defending the square. -Added Trenchs and some Barriers by the Valley -detail face lift to the level: Changed the color correction and tryed to make a Better Color flow through out the level. -Changed the Skylighting -More detailing to the buildings. B7 3/12/2013 ---------------------- -Made the final objective bigger. -Changed the buildings by the final obj. -made the axis spawn on the final further away. -Aerial recon can now be called more then once. -The axis reinforcements is now at 300 and allies 350. -It takes longer to capture the square. -added a machine gunner to allies. -Changed the basement of the hostpital. -the bridge is no longer swarming with bees!!!! -Some changes to the bridge part of the map (nothing big). B7-5 7/16/2013 ---------------------- -added cover to the tunnel by the green hospital building. -added a building by the last objective to give russians cover( it wasnt used much and made it harder for the russians) -made the size of the last object bigger. B7-6 12/30/2013 ---------------------- Just a Recook 5/24/2014 ------------------- Final Version I hope you enjoy it!


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    Wow, that is amazing! Looks great. Good job.
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    The Contract - Project Manager
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    This map looks great, I'm going to check it out!
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Development Info

Used softimage for making the destroyed buildings 3dsmax for the modular building parts and zbrush and photoshop for the textures.


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