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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

A aim map with several themes and detail

Vote me for mapper of the month because this is perfection. =========================================================== LORE ==== This is a map I made because my creativity just had to come out somehow. Boredom is my fuel. Yes I was influenced by aim_crazyjump Also if you wish to crack my map open and see how I did things feel free to do that (the important parts are on the train platform thingy) however changing anything and then releasing it to the public is a nono. STUFF IN THE MAP ================ Map features a bunch of themes ranging from trains to a shady pool. Features things such as HDR,BLOOM (PROPER), CUBEMAPS and well the map. The pool trampoline becomes ''activated'' after a event happens in the map triggered by making something fall. The bridge has supports and if you break one of them the bridge will fall. An AWP can be found in the middle of the map suspended in animation. UNIMPORTANT ------------------ This map is not some hardcore serious project were several hours of play testing has happened. I consumed roughly 5 liters of coffee while working on the map. The 3dskybox went trough several phases: First phase was a cityscape were you could see towering buildings in the distance. Second phase was mountains that I was playing around with making. Third phase became the glacier that the map was located inside off. And the last phase was that I wanted the map to feel more day like and thus I removed the glacier and replaced it with snow. Much snow.




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