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Trooks Forsaken Undercroft

A Map for Dungeon Defenders

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LongplayTD with 2+2 cores and some ~S~P~E~C~I~A~L~S~ ;D ======================================================= There are 2 smaller cores, the buff crystals: ----------------------------------------------- Enemies wont specially focus them and you wont be defeated, when they are destroyed, but with each destroyed buff crystal, the enemies will become stronger and stronger. So, this buff will take effect in the next wave firstly. To the buff-strength: If all buff cores are down, the enemies will be two times stronger as at the beginning. Growing Defense Unit Allowance: --------------------------------- The amount of Defense Units, you can maximally build, increases with each wave. Special WaveSetupScheme: -------------------------- In the first wave, only one type of enemy will appear. The next waves more types will be added, but before this, each 2nd wave a ChampionVersion of the recently added type will spawn. The following list should explain it well: ------------------------------------------
+ = first time that this type of enemy appears (they will also appear IN EACH following wave)
* = ChampionWave (this boss will only appear in this wave)
01 + Goblin
02 * GoblinChamp
03 + Archer
04 * 4 ArcherChamps
05 + WyvernSmall
06 + Orc
07 * OrcChamp
08 + Kamikaze
09 * GoblinMechChamp (ThroneRoom) and 4 KamikazeChamps
10 + WyvernNormal
11 + Skeleton
12 * 3 SkeleChamps
13 + Mage
14 * MageChamp and 3 SkeleChamps
15 + WyvernLarge
16 + Warrior
17 * 6 WarriorChamps
18 + Ogre
19 * OgreBoss and 4 ArcherChamps
20 + WyvernXtraLarge
21 + Spider
22 * 5 SpiderChamps
23 + Demon
24 * DemonBoss and 5 SpiderChamps
25 + FINAL:
Each Champ appears again, in the order they appeared before.
If the first Champ is down to 50%hp, the next one appears.
If this one is down to 50% -> next one... u should really get down Champ1 before Champ2 ;)
- Custom Item Rewards: ---------------------- When playing on insane or nightmare, you will gain some special rewards, after each sucessfully completed champion wave. They are randomly picked out of two item pools, where the first pool is the forsaken armory, wich contains pristine, plate and chain armor-sets atm. The second pool contains different forsaken weapons, for each playable hero-class. The Quality of each reward is based on the actual wave number, while completing the final wave will add an additional extra bonus to it. - Doomed Teleporters: --------------------- Just to clarify the confusion: There are teleporting platforms in the map, which offer a much faster access to the upper floor. As teleporting is a dangerous sience, they aren't working 100% safty. So there is an intended chance, that the teleport fails. In this case, you will end up at a random location in the map and gain a random amount of damage. Very unlucky ones, may end up above a lavapool ;D Have fun! :)


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