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Aim_ag_Texture2 Ported to CS:GO

Texture2 Video: ================================================================== Map History: ================================================================== I have ported this map over to CS:GO. Someone has attempted to port this map, but did so with different textures, such as the skybox. His/her version of the map has hdr, which was not the classic style for this map. Texture2 use to be a very popular map in CS:S for players with minimum hardware on their PCs. It is currently still played as it is a well built and balanced map. I host a community that runs this map 24/7 at and it was requested that the map be ported to CS:GO. I have also created a custom radar overview for this map as it never existed. I am hosting a test server for this map here: Installation Instructions: ================================================================== In order to add this map to your server you must copy the gamemodes.txt into your csgo directory. You may also just copy the map entry in the gamemodes.txt into yours. In order to join, you must connect once to the server to download the map, be patient. Your game will then crash. Then restart cs:go and rejoin the server. The above information may change as the game is still in beta.
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    DatGuy Joined 7y ago
    @5onic Ya I hate modifications of these classic maps, so I wanted to be sure I had the original version up early, before someone put some dumb one up.
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    5onic Joined 7y ago
    **Pros:** - Is just like the original with a few tweeks for CS GO **Cons:** - None **Improvements:** - None **Notes:** - The map is still T-sided though - I'm thankful you did an awesome port of this map. It is one of my favourite maps. If I didn't see anyone that would've port it I would've tried it. But thankfully you did, early too. Now I can enjoy it during beta of CS GO. - I'm also glad you kept it as the original. We don't really need to spoil such classic maps with detail.


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    DatGuy Joined 7y ago
    This is not your map. It is sixthree's map. Also it is not a copy of your map port either. Your map port consists of a different skybox and has hdr enabled. These features do not exist in my map. Also my map consists of adjusted brush heights and an authentic radar overview created by myself. In addition to my above points, you may also notice that my map is that of a different name, and does not consist of the original skybox or dev textures. Your port contains errors as well and is incomplete. I created this port in under an hour and it is actually completele. I am porting most of the texture maps PROPERLY as requested by my clan. If an admin wishes to take this map down he may, but my map has already been considered the normal texture2 map by many servers and players, so inconsistencies will be evident among csgo players if this map is removed. In regards to your copyright, it is in regards to aim_ag_texture2_csgo also just editing a copyright after my map post doesn't make my map post illegal. I am not going to make a copyright because it isn't my map nor is it yours.
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    This is m'y map i have copyrigh i tell admin.
    <3 mapping bitche's !
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