aim_gls_pracc (BETA2)

A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

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Maxplayers: 12

built as a Practice map for teams/clans, utilizing classic competetive locations and close quarter combat as well as sniper spots and a bombspot to train objective competiton and skill.
the keywords are Simplistic, Smooth and Competetive with the goal of running the smoothest yet with a detail rich environment

PLEASE COME WITH FEEDBACK and SUGGESTIONS for further releases/versions

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    Before I say anything, I have one short question:

    Oh, and it's quiet... too quiet :P A basic soundscape would do wonders, the sounds of footsteps and metal clanging doesn't hold much appeal for me personally.

    While you say it's designed with snipers in mind, I'm not sure how well that would actually play out given the map is incredibly small and for the most part cluttered. There is the one corridor off to the side that offers clear line of sight but it doesn't take long to sidestep that and reach the other end.

    Gameplay would be short and hectic which isn't a bad thing for those who enjoy quick pacing rather than long drawn out battles. This would certainly test your reaction times. There is one path that sort of bothers me by the bombsite; the one which is completely enclosed in fences and gives access to a ladder. Seems a bit redundant given you could go outside the fencing and use the stairs with much greater mobility available rather than be trapped in a cage -- literally :D

    No complaints about the brushwork, all top-notch stuff really. Some of the lighting effects are off tho:

    overall the map is _really_ small lol. I feel trapped like that poor cart under the stairs. It would be interesting to see how well this plays with 12 people on a server.


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