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A Map for Team Fortress 2

A TF2 surf map.

Horizon is a linear surf map with new game mode called Power Grab. Power Grab lets players fight for randomly selected power-ups. The team who reaches the required kills wins the reward. Kill counters are displayed at the bottom of the screen along with the power-up which is currently being played for. Once a power-up has been earned a new one will be selected after 20 seconds. Power-ups: - GOD MODE (100 Kills). Gives your entire team godmode. - HORSEMANN (75 Kills). Spawns the Horseless Headless Horsemann. - LEECH (50 Kills). Drains the losing team's health and heals the winning team. - SPOOK (50 Kills). Turns the winning team invisible and scares the losing team. - BOMBPROOF (25 Kills). Makes your team immune to explosive damage. - TELEFRAG (25 Kills). Turns the losing team's teleporters into murderers. Each power-up lasts for 20 seconds, but the Horsemann deactivates them until he's killed. Along with the power-ups are 2 dispenser orbs, 1 for each team. They regenerate your health, but also allow access to the hidden spawn areas. On the middle floor of jail are 3 coloured buttons, the red and blue buttons activate sentry guns, while the green button frees players. Well that's about it, I had a great time making the map and I hope you like it. v3 Changes: GOD MODE now requires 100 kills and HORSEMANN requires 75. Replaced REGENERATION with LEECH. Renamed PANIC to SPOOK. Added a green trail for the first person to reach the end of the map. Fixed a glitch where the Horsemann would fall out of spawn and stop the power-ups. If this happens in v3 he gets removed and the power-ups resume. Removed broken areaportals and occluders.


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  • ^Yuni^ avatar
    ^Yuni^ Joined 10y ago
    193 points Ranked 60,662nd
    I like the map design especially these spawn room but I thought it's so short pity. It's an original map :)
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  • Spoz avatar
    Spoz Joined 15y ago
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    Credit must be given when using my prefabs.
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  • MegaRobot avatar
    MegaRobot Joined 9y ago
    860 points Ranked 42,989th
    **Pros:** - super fun! power-ups idea is really great! I like it - jail is very cool done. surf is also good **Cons:** - none so far ... need to play this map more. **Notes:** - i don't know but I guess my server lagged a bit while this map was played.
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Development Info

At one point I had a power-up called the MONOCOLYPSE. This would spawn MONOCULUS in the enemy team's base. All this would happen while Highway To Hell by AC/DC played across the entire map. I've no idea why... those poor bots :(


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