Zombie Scenario Mod

A Map for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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Counter Strike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes Zombie Scenario Addon Readme (VERSION ALPHA 0.5) 1.CREDIT: All content in this pack was not made by me, OsirisGodoftheDead. All credit for model creation goes to NEXON Corporation of South Korea.In accordance with international copyright law, if any of the rights holders to this content wish for it to be taken down they may email me at thewalkingplague@hotmail.com and the content will be removed immediately.The only thing I take credit for is model and map porting. 2.TERMS OF USE: This material may not be redistributed to the public. a.Distributing to the public is defined as following -Uploading to any website or filesharing service -Modifying any of the content and redistributing it as a pack or as part of another work 3.PRODUCT INFORMATION: This is a pack for Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes (Copyright Valve Software) that attempts to recreate the Zombie Scenario mode gameplay of Counter Strike Online (Copyright Nexon Corporation and Valve Software) 4.INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: To install this modification extract the .zip file that you found this text document to "Steam\steamapps\\condition zero deleted scenes" replace username with your Steam (Copyright Valve) username 5.HOW TO PLAY Once you have installed, start the game and press new game to start. The map will load when you have chosen a difficulty (Easy, Medium, or Hard) If that does not work, simply open console (~) and type "map zs_trap". Zombies will spawn infinitly and some will drop ammo for the mp5 when killed. The goal is to kill as many zombies as possible before they overtake you.



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    > **Posted by Sneaky.amxx**
    > Why are you giving yourself credits for "porting" models and maps when we all know CSO files don't need to be ported at all.. they work just fine on CS1.6 and CZ... unless you consider copying the models from cso folder into a new folder "porting" then this is improper credits.

    I believe you have misunderstood. This is not for normal multiplayer Condition Zero, rather it is for the deleted scenes portion, which is singleplayer. This map doesn't work for Condition Zero Deleted Scenes by itself. Here's what I did:

    Other than the obvious fact that the models must be decompiled and recompiled, there were a few other problems. CSO Models are made for multiplayer. This map uses them as singleplayer models. This means that they need to be offset by a certain amount to be standing on the floor. In addition to this I had to add in the ACT Sequences to make them work as singleplayer models.

    CSO does not use the same entites to spawn enemies as CZDS does. I had to use ripent to add in the correct ones.

    I hope this clears up any misconceptions you may have had.
    Welcome to the Jungle
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    Why are you giving yourself credits for "porting" models and maps when we all know CSO files don't need to be ported at all.. they work just fine on CS1.6 and CZ... unless you consider copying the models from cso folder into a new folder "porting" then this is improper credits.
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    This are really old mod fo ds, you can find here:

    Don´t forget upload the Zombie Scenario Jungle map!!

    Request: Can you edit the Kiltron´s Mission Loader to add the two maps? Remember that the loader have two empty slot for maps that never been released
    The Legendary Hero
  • 5y
    OsirisGodoftheDead avatar
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    > **Posted by zombsk98**

    > Can you use other maps for it?

    No. This is because the map needs to have spawn points for zombies in it. Unless the map was designed for ZBS it won't work. If you'd like me to convert a map for you or teach you how to build maps for it, feel free to ask.
    Welcome to the Jungle
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    zombsk98 avatar
    zombsk98 Offline
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    Can you use other maps for it?
  • 5y
    OsirisGodoftheDead avatar
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    > **Posted by Rexwong**

    > **Notes:**
    > - Better than zombie plague but can u play with bots ?

    This addon does not use bots. Other groups/individuals have tried recreating Zombie Scenario with bots and the results were nowhere near perfect. Problems with the bot system include: zombies acting strange due to AI differences, limited number of bots; there can only be about 24 bots in a game at once (playing a game against only 24 zombies isn't much fun) This is why I used the Non-Player Character or NPC system in this project. NEXON Corporation used the NPC system when they made CSO, so it should make sense that this uses it too. Advantages of using the NPC system include: Better animation support, Better behavior (NPCs act more like zombies than bots do), there is a virtually unlimited maximum amount of NPC zombies that can be created (I say virtually because the engine will crash if there are more than approximately 2400 or so entities (NPCs, models, weapons, and items) This is why I do not use bots and instead use NPCs.
    Welcome to the Jungle
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    Works on Condition Zero?
    AweSomeCSHacker avatar
  • 5y
    Rexwong avatar
    Rexwong Offline
    Member Joined 6y

    - Better than zombie plague but can u play with bots ?


  • 5y
    Commandeau avatar
    Commandeau Offline
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    Good but hard :)
    4ever ...
  • 6y
    OsirisGodoftheDead avatar
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    > **Posted by sandy7a**

    > CS:O category is for CSO-NST Mods dude... So please change the category!!! Is it CS:CZ have a plugin like ZS? No...!!! So change the category to CS:O ... That's was for all CSO-NST mods...

    First of all, you need to improve your grammar. I can barely understand you. Second, this is not a CSO-NST mod. Let me spell it out for you since it is obvious you are oblivious to what this mod actually is and you refuse to read the description. This mod changes **COUNTER STRIKE CONDITION ZERO DELETED SCENES** to be like zombie scenario. **IT IS NOT A CSO-NST. IT IS NOT FOR CSO. PLEASE STOP ASKING ME TO CHANGE THE CATEGORY. THIS IS IN THE RIGHT CATEGORY** Thank you.
    Welcome to the Jungle
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