Forgotten BETA 2

A Map for Portal


  • Addition Added fully working level transition and failsafes.
  • Addition Custom sounds now packed into maps.
  • Adjustment More efficient map and thumbnail locations now being used.
  • Adjustment Changed ending text to reflect state of development.
  • Adjustment Renamed maps to work with Source engine character limit.
  • Removal Removed floating props in ending area.
Hotfix 1 4mo

Forgotten - Beta release 2.

This is the beta release 2. Only the first and second chapters are finished enough to be included. Chapter 3, 4, etc. will be available for download when close to finalization. This is the story of a person who crashes their car into a ditch. They wake up and spot a payphone attached to the side of an aperture science facility. They decide to call for help but just as they reach for the phone the floor gives way and they're plunged into the heart of aperture science (post-Glados shutdown.) They are greeted by the voice of an aperture science employee who's trapped. They must work together to help each other get out. --- INSTALLATION The entire thing has full voice acting. To hear said voice acting make sure to place the sound folder included in \Steam\steamapps[steam-account-name]\portal\portal. Feel free to delete it when you're done. The map itself goes in \Steam\steamapps[steam-account-name]\portal\portal\maps. To launch, open Portal and put "map [MAP FILENAME]" in the console. Start with chapter 1, which is ladled as such with a “ch1” in the name. Have fun and tell me what you think! Feedback is always appreciated. If lots of people like this map I'll release updates and new chapters as soon as possible! --- BETA 2 CHANGELOG - Added chapter 2. The main character finds themselves venture into a cryogenics-lab portion of aperture science. - Added a whole new intro to chapter 1. Now you get to see a bit of the car ride before the car crash. It's funny that it took me 3 hours to make literally 8 seconds of cutscene. - Improved all doors and made a lot of small misc changes to chapter 1. - Redid a couple voice lines in chapter 1. - If chapter 1 looks slightly worse then it did in beta 1, it's because I didn't compile it with HDR and cubemaps. It saves hours to not do so and this isn't final build anyways so it doesn't matter. --- Author's notes: - The entire thing is possible, but there's one tricky jump near the end of chapter 2. If you really can't do it, try hugging the wall. - The voice acting is really horrible. It's just place-holder. - You can't rush the turrets in chapter 2. So don't try to. Instead enter the door and look for the clipboard. --- Edit 22/07/2013: Watch the developer playthrough *spoiler warning* --- _Follow me on Twitter for updates on this and other mapping projects I'm working on!_




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