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A Map for Pirates Vikings and Knights II

Beta release of the new dragons!

**Foreword:** The dragons are very heavy on both the clientside and serverside, be aware of this! Too many players will increase lag, so keep it to around 12; more wouldn't have anything to do anyway (except for normal deathmatching, but if you wanted that you wouldn't be here now would you) Thanks for downloading this first release of the new dragons! Please be aware that this release serves as a public beta test of the dragons, not a final release. Controls: DRAGON - Press USE (default E) on the dragon's legs to enter (you can only mount the dragon of your own team and if there is a seat empty) - Driver: You become the driver of the dragon when the driver's seat is empty. Usually this means that there is no one on the dragon, but this is not always the case. -- AWSD to walk or steer -- Click Right Mouse Button (RMB) to flap wings once to gain height -- Hold down RMB to descend faster -- Move forward while holding down RMB to fly forward twice as fast -- Hold down left click to breathe fire !!-- Quickly double tap W or S to change firing direction (there are 3 firing directions; you start at neutral, you can also aim lower (double tap S) or higher (double tap W). Each time you double tap you go up or down one level of direction, so if you want to go from the lowest direction to the highest, you have to double tap W twice. (fire will not hurt team mates) Mastering this is the key to becoming a good dragon driver! -- Hold down left click when in melee range of another dragon to bite it. Fire will not hurt other dragons, biting will kill. -- Exit by pressing USE on the saddle in front of your feet. You can walk off the head or the tail to avoid falling damage. - Passenger: There are two passenger seats. You become a passenger when the driver seat is taken, but there is a passenger seat free. As a passenger, you can't control the dragon. You can use your own weapons, but be aware that ranged weapons will not work well while the dragon is flying. -- Exit by pressing USE on the saddle in front of your feet. You can walk off the head or the tail to avoid falling damage. Controls: BALLISTA - Press USE on the door of either the tower or the church to enter (providing no one is on the ballista already) - WASD to aim - Left click to fire -- 2 headshots will kill a dragon - Right click to exit Have fun!



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Development Info

This is the first ever public release of the dragons and ballista; this means that this is still very much a beta and bugs may be encountered. Please report to me so I can fix them for the release of the new dragon_attack! When entering the dragon or the ballista, you will jump back and forth into the seat and back to the ground a bit. This is entirely normal, it's a workaround I had to implement for servers with an elevated ping, so don't worry about this.
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