World Trade Center: IV

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This sixth version of the World Trade Center mod completely changes the visage of the WTC complex it had until now in GTA.

World Trade Center: IV ====================== This awesome mod adds the full World Trade Center complex in GTA IV or EFLC, in the southern Algonquin. It has been congratulated many times for its realism, its conformity, its quality and its precision. You can visit the plaza, go to the roof thanks to elevators to admire the view, jump or base jump, or do whatever you want ! You are free, the World Trade Center was awesome and you can now bring it back to life, for ever. After more than 17 months of hard-working development, it is certainly the best IV map mod available for now ! We have tried our best to make it the most realistic and the most conform as possible and here is the result ! Recover the Liberty City skyline as it meant to be ! One of the biggest defects of the previous versions was the bad-looking from distance. But we have worked on the LODs (low Level Of Detail models) and now it looks perfect from near as by far ! Here a non exhaustive list of what is new in WTC 0.2 : -Completely new plaza -Full working cols, with material -Improved Marryhot with more details and reflections -Added south bridge -Added WTC 1 car park -Improved WTC1 -Added WTC1 Lobby with nightlights -Improved WTC2 -Added Windows on the World in WTC1 -Modified radar -Improved ASI scripts (thanks Sjaak327 !) -Added roof -Improved the WTC1 structure -Added windows -Tower looks quite darker at night -Fixed textures -Added some lights on the roof (not finished) -Some cars parked in front of WTC1 -No more unwanted parked cars on the plaza -Online and automatic installer =IMPORTANT NOTES= ----------------- -You must have finished every main mission because the mod can interfere with some of them and make the game crash. -A stunt jump near the municipal building has been deleted because it wasn't compatible with the plaza -Please, please... back up your files before installing !! _________________________________________________________




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