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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

8 - 16 Players, loosely based on the map Grid from CoD:BO. Aim-style textures to force skillshooting. Lots of different heights and overlooks, well suited for both sniper play and normal weapons.

*** UPDATED **** Wrong version of the map was uploaded, this version did not include blue lighting, other stuff was missing as well. Proper version is now uploaded. Average sized map, loosely based on the map "Grid", from Call of Duty: Black Ops, but made to fit CS:S style play. Read devnotes for full comparison and changes. This map is designed to play with around 8-16 players. There are spawnpoints to fit at least 32 people, but this is not recommended. Average gameplay will last about 2 minutes, the map is made with the intention to have a little game of hide-and-seek when there's only one player in either team, there's a lot of overview from the buildings, but also a lot of enclosed hallways to force you to look for the opponent. Features: - Blue-light themed computer room with one-time grenade spawn (press Esc on the keyboard of the active computer) - Detailed surrounding of the map, inaccesible towers etc, smokestacks, towers. - Balanced sides, none of the teams have an edge, the encounter points in the middle of the map can be reached by both times at around the same time in the round. - Quick gameplay, lots of hiding spots, lots of overview. - Ideal for sneaking around when you are the last man standing, even has ventilation shafts.




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Development Info

Made with Hammer, loosely based on the Grid map from Call of Duty: Black Ops. The main two buildings are altered to fit CS:S style play, and some areas are removed to quicken games. Note: Map is compiled using the quicker way, RAD and VIS set to fast. This is because the map is still in Beta, the upload is intended to give a general idea of the map, not to be visually stunning and perfect.
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